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SPESA Members Exhibiting at Texprocess Americas

Updated: May 8


Texprocess Americas 2023 is right around the corner! After years of upheaval, this is THE year for the sewn products industry to get back on track and back in its groove. As always, Texprocess Americas — May 10-12 in Atlanta, Georgia — remains the epicenter for knowledge sharing and innovation for our industry in the Western Hemisphere. And we can’t wait to see you all there!

Take a look below at all of the SPESA members who will be exhibiting this year.

If you have not yet registered for the show, you can do so here. Click here to view the Texprocess Americas & Techtextil North America floor plan and all of the 2023 exhibitors.

AATCC | Booth #2802

(AATCC is exhibiting in Techtextil North America)

Founded in 1921 as the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, AATCC connects the global textile community to empower a more innovative, informed, and sustainable future. The association provides standards development, testing materials, educational resources, and professional networking to the global textile industry.

AATCC is an associate SPESA member.

Learn more about AATCC

Advanced Distribution Technologie​s | Booth #1541

Founded in 1994, Advanced Distribution Technologies (A.D.T.) offers the highest quality products in the industry to manufacturers and contractors alike. A.D.T. offers many genuine machine lines, such as Consew, Juki, Kansai, and other manufacturers, as well as parts, supplies, and accessories. The company also has exclusivity with its sister company Ardmel Automation Ltd. Ardmel pioneered the development of Hot Air Seam Sealing and has been at the forefront of this technology since the late 1970s. Today’s Ardmel equipment is known for its energy efficiency, and is used in almost every country in the world where products requiring its application are manufactured.

Learn more about A.D.T.

AETAS Corporation | Booth #1342

Headquartered in Zhejiang, China, with U.S. operations in Pennsylvania, AETAS Corporation is your one-stop, turn-key sourcing solution, overseeing the manufacturing, quality control, and logistics for startups, small, and middle-sized businesses looking to build reputable, quality supply chains in Asia. AETAS provides significant international business experience and relationships to ease the transition of your idea or product into the international forum. AETAS is a new SPESA member, and was recently featured in Behind the Seams here.

AETAS will be exhibiting at Texprocess Americas for the first time!

Learn more about AETAS

AMANN USA | Booth #2510

(AMANN USA is exhibiting in Techtextil North America)

Since 1854, AMANN has been one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads, and Smart Yarns. From universal sewing threads to highly technical specialized yarns, AMANN offers a wide range for a variety of applications. AMANN sewing and embroidery threads are manufactured exclusively in its own production facilities in Europe and Asia, ensuring maximum flexibility and customer proximity. AMANN is based near Stuttgart in Bönnigheim, Germany, with employees in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Learn more about AMANN USA

American & Efird | Booth #1631

Under the umbrella of Elevate Textiles, American & Efird (A&E) is a foremost manufacturer and distributor of premium quality industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles. Producers of apparel, automotive components, home furnishings, medical supplies, footwear, and a diverse range of industrial products rely on A&E industrial sewing thread to manufacture their products. Through its global network, A&E’s products are manufactured in 22 countries, distributed in 50 countries, and sold in more than 100 countries. A&E is a recognized industry leader in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and operates its global facilities with the utmost regard for the safety and health of its associates employed worldwide.

Learn more about American & Efird

American Niagara | Booth #1540

American Niagara proudly caters to a wide range of industries with special attention to the U.S. screen printing industry and the global apparel industry. The company only sells premier, dependable screen printing supplies, and has an extensive catalog of adhesives, inks, spotters, tapes — all the materials needed to produce top notch products for your customers. American Niagara also provides supplies to other industries including: upholsterers, mattress manufacturers, garment mills, dry cleaners, furniture manufacturers, laminators, embroiderers, asbestos abatement, carpet mills, textile manufacturers, and more. American Niagara’s products are available through 141 dealers, distributors, and importers worldwide.

Learn more about American Niagara

Apparel Machinery & Supply Co. | Booth #1244

Apparel Machinery and Supply Company, established in 1975, is uniquely qualified to assist customers in every phase of pressing, finishing, and fusing of garments. The company represents exclusively in North, Central, and South America the internationally known quality equipment lines of:

  • Hoffman pressing equipment;

  • Naomoto irons, self contained vacuum tables, and other specialized finishing equipment;

  • Reliant fusing and laminating machines; and

  • Koenig irons, mini boilers, and automatic garment finishers.

Apparel Machinery and Supply Company carries a complete inventory of spare parts, pressing supplies, PTFE belts, and accessories to support these lines of equipment.

Learn more about Apparel Machinery & Supply Co.

Aptean | Booth #631

Aptean’s industry-specific software solutions are designed to improve efficiency and boost production for fashion and apparel businesses in the sewn products industry. Using decades of industry experience and expertise, Aptean has built technology to alleviate production challenges through robust, accessible, and scalable solutions. Now is your chance to check it out in person! During this year’s Texprocess event, Aptean will be showcasing its Shop Floor Control solution, a revolutionary product that provides manufacturers with a constant view of all activities happening on the shop floor — in real time! If you’ve been searching for a manufacturing execution system that provides real-time visibility, you’ll want to stop by booth #631 and see for yourself how Aptean Apparel Shop Floor Control can revolutionize your performance and productivity.

Learn more about Aptean | Read the Behind the Seams Inside Look at Aptean’s Texprocess Americas Booth

Atlanta Attachment Company | Booth #1615

Atlanta Attachment Company (AAC) is a global supplier of machinery for mattress, apparel, automotive interior, and furniture manufacturing. Its product line includes heavy duty sewing machinery, packaging equipment, sewing automation equipment, and other supportive machines for the sewn products industry. The company was founded in 1969 as an innovator of custom-made sewing machine attachments, folders, hemmers, binders, and other labor saving devices for apparel sewing equipment. AAC is now an industry leader in developing sewing automation for mattress production. Its technology solutions extend to mattress packaging equipment, quilting machines, decorative border workstations, and other mattress manufacturing machinery.

For the 2023 show, AAC is teaming up with SPESA member Morgan Tecnica Spa. Be sure to visit their joint booth!

Learn more about Atlanta Attachment Company

Autometrix | Booth #1415

Autometrix, Inc., is a family-owned company specializing in pattern development software for the industrial fabrics industry and low-ply precision cutting machines. With bases in California and Ohio, Autometrix has produced innovative technology for textiles manufacturing since 1979. Whether cutting vinyl, carbon fiber (dry or prepreg), canvas, leather, insulation, sail cloth, or pretty much any other fabric imaginable, the Autometrix family of cutting tables, digitizing tools, and software options offer comprehensive cutting solutions with unmatched integration, precision, and reliability.

Learn more about Autometrix

Brother International Corporation | Booth #719

With a dedication to product quality and excellent customer service, Brother has long been established in the development, technology, and manufacturing of industrial sewing machines and direct-to-garment printers for more than 110 years. The product line-up of Brother industrial sewing machines are well known for their durability, flexibility, and superior performance for those challenging sewing applications in harsh sewing environments. The company offers a complete line of direct drive single and double needle lockstitch machines, button hole machines, electronic pattern tackers, BAS programmable pattern sewing machines, direct-to-garment printers, and much more.

Learn more about Brother International Corporation’s Industrial Sewing Machines

C and C Enterprise | Booth #831 & #835

C and C Enterprise sells all types of industrial sewing machines, new and used, to a vast and varied clientele. After teaming up with JACK, one of the world’s finest industrial sewing machine manufacturers to form Jack of the Americas, C and C became the distributor for JACK machines throughout North America, Central America, and the Caribbean Basin. Together, C and C Enterprise and Jack of the Americas have more than 100 years of combined experience in the industrial sewn products industry.

C and C Enterprise represents Jack, which can be found in Booth #831 at Texprocess Americas 2023, as well as Highlead, which can be found in Booth #835.

Learn more about C and C Enterprise

Carr Textile | Booth #1004

Carr Textile’s fabric is used by a wide assortment of manufacturers in caps, apparel, aprons, bags, outerwear, emblems, industrial, automotive, etc. Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, Carr Textile operates a 420,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility in Sikeston, Missouri, with the capabilities of re-rolling, biasing, slitting, die cutting, sewing, and plastic extrusion. In addition to Sikeston, the company stocks more than 3 million yards of fabric in more than 12 warehouse shipping points across the United States and abroad.

Learn more about Carr Textile

CGS, Inc. | Booth #1623

Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.’s (CGS) BlueCherry® Enterprise Suite includes ERP, PLM, Shop Floor Control, B2B eCommerce, Warehouse Management, and other key modules, and provides clients with a powerful, comprehensive set of tools to drive their fundamental business processes. It is utilized with great success by companies throughout consumer lifestyle product industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, and retail markets. Focusing on the needs of high-growth organizations, CGS’s solutions have the built-in capacity to address the needs of all core management, planning, product development, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and sales functions and are supported by our Managed Cloud and Cybersecurity capabilities. CGS also provides services related to enterprise learning, outsourcing, industry research, and consulting.

Visit CGS at Texprocess Americas to see its innovative partnership with Bluecherry Shop Floor Control and Inspectorio in action.

Learn more about CGS, Inc

Clothing Tech | Booth #1346

Clothing Tech is a new software startup based in Austin, Texas, developing disruptive, seamless 3D software solutions for technical design. Clothing Tech's suite of products allows apparel designers to move from concept sketch to production without slowing down the process by awaiting input from technical designers and manufacturers. These tools enable real-time garment design by automatically reading existing patterns and tech packs and converting them into 3D design that can be quickly and easily edited, shared, and exported as new patterns and tech packs. The company's initial focus is the Garment Digital Twin (GDT), 3D CAD, and virtual fitting rooms.

Learn more about Clothing Tech

Consew | Booth #1117

Since 1898, Consew has designed and manufactured some of the most reliable machines in the sewing industry. Today, Consew has one of the largest varieties of sewing, cutting, and pressing equipment, as well as an extensive line of supplies related to the sewn products industry. From standard walking foot machines for upholstery to specialty 4-needle lockstitch machines for parachutes, from long-arm zig-zag (up to 30”) machines for boat sails to extra heavy duty machines for webbing, Consew has it all. The company’s machines are well designed for sewing leather, canvas, shoes, saddles, mattresses, tents, tarps, and sails, as well as jeans and other garments. With offices in New Jersey, Miami, and Los Angeles, as well as a distribution network throughout the world, Consew is able to quickly supply and service the machines customers need.

Learn more about Consew

DAP America, Inc. | Booth #1031

For more than a century, Dürkopp Adler® and Pfaff Industrial® have been recognized around the globe for the most innovative, efficient, and reliable sewing machines in the market. As these brands have now joined together, DAP America, Inc. (formerly Dürkopp Adler America, Inc.) offers a full line of premium, German brands in the Western hemisphere. DAP America is committed to providing superior service and consulting to its wide-ranging clientele.

In DAP America’s massive 3,000 sq. ft. booth at Texprocess Americas, you will find the brand new M-TYPE DELTA e-con for medium-heavy sewing applications; QONDAC, the company's advanced networking solution for the sewing shop floor; expanded automation solutions for CNC sewing systems; as well as further efficient sewing machines and equipment for automotive, industrial, leather, and garment applications.

From the PFAFF INDUSTRIAL brand, DAP America is showcasing the “America premiere” of its innovative hot-air taping machine for continuous seam sealing, PFAFF 8333, as well as the PFAFF 3688, showing a real update of the world's best programmable CNC automatic pocket setter.

KSL is bringing their expertise in automation solutions for sewing and welding, including the KL 351 a free-programmable CNC stitching machine for various applications with their famous rotating head. A second highlight is the KL 627 2-needle chain stitch post bed machine for automotive interior, upholstery, and technical textiles.

Click here to read more in Behind the Seams.

Learn more about DAP America, Inc

Dematron Automation (Dema Sewing Machine Company) | Booth #731

A major supplier to factories, contractors, and dealers, the DEMA Sewing Machine Company has one of the largest selections of industrial sewing machines and automated cutting room solutions in the United States. Dema’s expert team has the experience and knowledge needed to help customers in the market for industrial sewing machines, CNC fabric cutters, programmable sewing machines, fusing machines, design software, embroidery machines, leather machines, or any type of plant support machinery. In addition, Dema offers its customers turnkey sewing solutions and the flexibility for true "plug and play" sewing systems.

Learn more about Dematron Automation

Diamond Needle Corporation | Booth #1003

Founded in 1951, Diamond Needle Corporation is one of the world’s largest distributors of sewing machine needles. Diamond Needle is also the North American distributor of ORGAN NEEDLE CO. of Japan, one of the world’s leading quality makers of sewing machine needles. In addition, the company is a supplier of machine parts for sewing, embroidery, quilting, mattresses, filters, bag closing, bookbinding, furniture, automotive, industrial textiles, and cloth cutting. Diamond Needle has an extensive line of supplies catering to these markets including scissors, cleaning agents, lubricants, crayons and markers, Dennison fasteners, task lighting, specialized tools, abrasives, belts, gloves, and sewing notions.

Learn more about Diamond Needle Corporation

Eastman Machine Company | Booth #1431

Eastman Machine Company is a cutting machine manufacturer, providing custom engineered solutions and innovative technologies for a variety of industries. Eastman offers the industry’s widest range of classic, hand-held, and manually-operated fabric cutting machines, as well as a comprehensive line of fully automated, computerized cutting and plotting systems. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, built to precise specifications, and subject to rigorous testing, Eastman’s line of cutting systems have been setting the standard for over a century. Matched to specific customer needs, Eastman has a solution for virtually every cutting requirement.

In its booth, Eastman will demonstrate its C135, an automated conveyorized cutting machine, as well as the ES-960 spreading system, the EFL-200 fabric loading machine, and the Power Cradle feeding system. Separate demonstrations with Eastman’s line of manually operated fabric cutting machines, configured with the apparel industry in mind, will be held within the booth.

In addition, Eastman is teaming up with SPESA member Henderson Sewing Machine Co. and other Texprocess Americas 2023 participants to demonstrate a collaborative textile microfactory on the show floor. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about Eastman Machine Company

Eton Systems | Booth #623

Eton Systems was founded in 1967 and was sprung from Eton Fashion, a Swedish company making shirts since 1928. Early on, Eton Fashion realized the benefits of streamlining its production process, minimizing downtime, and utilize factory premises better. This led to the development of Eton Systems – the world’s first UPS system.

Today, Eton Systems provides material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding their way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, radically increasing the time for adding value to products. The systems include a real-time information system and the necessary tools to improve the manufacturing processes through powerful software programs.

Learn more about Eton Systems

Ferd. Schmetz Needle Corp. | Booth #805

SCHMETZ is a long-established company in the manufacture of high-quality needles for industrial and household sewing machines. The company was founded in Herzogenrath in 1851 and now has around 476 employees worldwide. The worldwide presence of the company is guaranteed through numerous sales partners and a tight dealer network on all continents.

The product and service spectrum of SCHMETZ covers a complete range for the individual requirements of over 47 sectors in the sewing and textile processing industry, as well as for workshops and the hobby sector. Placing the highest demands on the materials used, the processing techniques and product quality, combined with the goal of developing tailored solutions for every application, are both the focus and the mission of the company.

Learn more about SCHMETZ

Groz-Beckert | Booth #1103

Groz-Beckert is a leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts, and fine tools, as well as systems and services for the production and joining of textile fabrics. All around the world, its products and services support the textile processes of knitting and warp knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding and sewing. Based in Albstadt, Germany, the family-owned company also has further production sites in Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the United States, India, China, and Vietnam. Numerous sales affiliates and sales partners complement the international presence. Groz-Beckert is part of the Groz-Beckert Group, market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of process-critical textile precision tools, industrial cutting solutions and solution provider for textile construction and reinforcement solutions made of high-performance technical fibers for composite materials.

Learn mo