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SPESA Members Respond to COVID-19

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Every day we read the news and see some new story about businesses upending their operations to help protect their communities and fight the spread of COVID-19. We are incredibly proud of the SPESA members who have stepped up and have shared a few of their stories below.

Amann Group is producing FFP2 certified respiratory masks approved for medical personnel. The company is supporting efforts to establish a resilient mask value-added network in Germany.

Atlanta Attachment Company is producing new equipment to help its parent company manufacture protective face masks and medical gowns.

Autometrix Inc. is sharing patterns and information for producing a variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Brother International Corporation has announced that it is donating up to 100 industrial sewing machines to support efforts to meet the growing demand for PPE production.

CGS has put its extensive research skills to work exploring the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 on supply chains and U.S. retailers.

Consew announced its commitment to assist in transforming manufacturing plants to produce face masks and other PPE.

DAP America is one of the leaders in the cause to manufacture PPE masks and gowns. Its fabric welding technology is critical to production of protective gear for healthcare professionals and first responders.

Eastman Machine Company has teamed up with brands to manufacture medical-grade reusable polycarbonate face shields for the Utah Department of Health. In addition, Eastman's Matchmaker program is connecting facilities manufacturing PPE with customers offering automatic, CNC (computer-controlled) cutting services.

Exenta is providing its clients, including Carhartt and Covercraft Industries, with the Shop Floor Control Systems as they transition from apparel and automotive accessories, respectively, to PPE. With real-time tracking of manufacturing operations, these manufacturers can optimize efficiency and quality.

Gerber Technology created the Gerber PPE Task Force to help companies increase their production and transition to manufacturing PPE, joining forces with several other companies, including American & Efird which provides thread used in masks and other medical garments. Gerber Technology has also developed a new software package to help manufacturers convert their supply chains to produce PPE.

Henderson Sewing Machine Company introduced new, automated face mask production systems to customers throughout the United States to manufacture pleated, foldable and cup-type face mask in an automated or semi-automated supply chain. The company has also served as a conduit of information to connect the right players together. Frank Henderson spoke on SPESA's recent webinar on Supply Chain Dynamics Amid COVID-19.

Lectra is opening the Technology Center at its Atlanta headquarters (a fully operational cutting room usually used for tests and demonstrations) to the public to create PPE for healthcare and other essential workers to help combat COVID-19 in the Atlanta and Georgia communities.

Sewn Products Equipment Co. is providing guidance on how to use its automatic strip cutter to cut large quantities of stretchy materials and elastic straps for face masks.

Tukatech is offering over $2 million worth of free software downloads to thousands of pattern makers, designers, and production engineers around the globe to produce sewn medical products, including masks, gowns, shoe covers, and coveralls.

YKK is manufacturing key fastening components for many types of medical bedding, equipment, and supplies, including airtight/watertight/moisture repellent zippers for isolation chambers and hazmat suits.

Zund is supporting more than two dozen manufacturers across the sewn products supply chain as they transition to PPE production.

And, finally, 30 people with disabilities employed by Versability Resources loaded the U.S. Navy Ship Comfort with enough meals to feed its thousand-plus crew members for three weeks in preparation for the ship’s mission to New York City to serve as a floating hospital. Versability Resources is one of 750 nonprofits supported by SPESA member SourceAmerica.

These stories are only a snapshot of the positive impact SPESA members have made. The list continues to be updated on the SPESA website.

If you are a SPESA member, we encourage you to email news and updates on what you are doing to

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