News Round-Up: Supply Chains

Updated: May 19


Below is a compilation of recent news, reports, and analysis that explore topics related to supply chains.

Snarled Supply Chain Trips Up Small Businesses - The Wall Street Journal - April 2021

According to a survey of roughly 800 companies, 44% of small businesses reported temporary shortages or other supply-chain problems in March. The current supply chain issues are taking a heavy toll on these companies, which have fewer resources to absorb or push back on price increases and less leverage to pass along the higher costs to customers. This article highlights the multiple forces driving supply-chain woes for small businesses and their impact, with a focus on U.S. businesses.

After Suez Canal Crisis, Freight Rates Are Sky High. When Will Fees Fall? - Sourcing Journal - April 2021 While we are all well aware of the immediate chaos caused by the ship stuck in the Suez Canal, its repercussions are still being felt across global supply chains. According to a new report from Everstream Analytics, port congestion is expected to remain a concern until at least mid-May and carrier schedules are unlikely to return to near-normal operations before mid-June, particularly on the Asia-Europe route. Supply Chain Dive came to a similar conclusion in its recent brief.

Shipping Delays and Supply Shortages to Constrain Firms All Year - Bloomberg - April 2021

Companies worldwide expect supply-chain constraints resulting from logistics backlogs and the global semiconductor shortage to continue for much of this year. The author of this short economic update looks to specific companies such as Tesla, Sony, and Crocs, and concerns about their ability to meet demand given ongoing supply-chain bottlenecks.

New After-Effect from COVID – Logistics Moves from Cost of Doing Business to Colossal Headache - International Fiber Journal - April 2021

This article puts supply chain challenges in c