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Gerber and Burlington Medical form long-term partnership

By Fibre2Fashion

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Burlington Medical, a manufacturer of radiation protection, has leveraged Gerber Technology’s AccuMark, AccuMark Made-to-Measure, and AccuNest as well Gerberspreader and Gerbercutter to quickly pivot their supply chain. They also utilised Gerber’s PPE task force to retool their supply chain in about three weeks.

During the pandemic, when all elective surgeries were cancelled and healthcare facilities were limiting outside visitors, Burlington Medical knew they had to pivot production in order to avoid layoffs and keep their community safe.

In recent weeks, Burlington has continued their journey towards digital transformation by implementing 3DLook’s patented body scanning technology to their current AccuMark workflow.

“When crises, such as the Covid-19 pandemic happen, manufacturers need to be prepared to adapt their production,” Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology, said in a press release. “We are gratified and proud to see that Burlington Medical was able to not only do their part to keep their community safe during the pandemic but also keep their doors open and ensure their employees still have jobs.”

With support from Gerber, Burlington Medical was able to leverage production-ready patterns and the latest technology to quickly transition to producing a variety of PPE including: surgical and cloth masks, disposable gowns, face shields, protective eyewear, intubation boxes, and disinfecting wipes. At their peak, the Virginia-based company was producing 15,000 surgical masks a week. Additionally, they were able to save over 100 jobs and even hire more workers.

“If there’s anything this pandemic taught us it’s that we need to invest in the latest technology so that we can take people out of the equation and remain agile,” Murry Pitts, CEO of Burlington Medical, said. “I’ve been a Gerber customer for over 20 years and am very impressed with their team and the ability they bring to the table.”

Burlington Medical was able to easily pivot back to their normal production by August and has since invested in new technologies that will allow them to easily meet market demands. By leveraging 3DLook’s body scanning solution, Burlington Medical will get precise body measurements remotely with just two photos and then seamlessly import them into AccuMark. This new workflow will allow the company to create production-ready radiation protection garments that fit perfectly.

This article was published in Fibre2Fashion December 11, 2020. The original Gerber Technology Inc. press release is available here.

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