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Aid by Trade Adopts TextileGenesis for Verified Traceable Cashmere Production

Updated: May 10

By Just Style

The Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) is improving the requirements of The Good Cashmere Standard (GCS) by revising its criteria and partnering with TextileGenesis, a Lectra Company, to establish GCS as an independent certification for traceable and sustainably produced cashmere fibres from Inner Mongolia.

The latest version of the standard, The Good Cashmere Standard (GCS) Version 2.0 is structured around four pillars: cashmere goat welfare, environmental sustainability, labour conditions, and responsible management.

“To accelerate progress towards achieving transparency and traceability from raw cashmere to the final product, we are also working with TextileGenesis, an established, technologically innovative platform,” said Tina Stridde the managing director of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF).

The revision focuses on moving cashmere production towards greater sustainability in farms and the first stage of processing cashmere fibres.

TextileGenesis will trace GCS-verified cashmere from the point of origin to the final product, reinforcing the commitment to transparency in the supply chain.

AbTF has historically monitored compliance with GCS requirements through audits in its tracking system, ensuring that only verified cashmere products bear the GCS label. Going forward, GCS-verified cashmere will be traced through TextileGenesis.

Amit Gautam, founder and CEO of TextileGenesis explained: “For fashion brands, guaranteeing the transparency and reliability of their supply chain has become a key issue. By entering into this partnership with The Good Cashmere Standard, our aim is to promote full traceability of responsible cashmere, from the place where the goats are reared to the point of sale.”

In addition to this, GCS Version 2.0 sets guidelines for protecting biodiversity, ensuring dignified labour conditions, and promoting responsible business practices. These criteria will be mandatory for implementation starting in 2025 and will be subject to independent verifications at regular intervals.

Christian Barthel, head of business development at the Aid by Trade Foundation added: “At The Good Cashmere Standard, we place great value on traceability and transparency. We began by investing in a robust system that enables us to trace every order back to the cashmere producer.

“Now, we are excited to reinforce this commitment by partnering with TextileGenesis to offer both current and future partners the option of working through an established and technologically innovative platform.”

This article was published April 22, 2024. Lectra is a member of SPESA.

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