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Why Detroit?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022


SPESA will host its 2022 Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference in Detroit September 13, 2022. We asked conference speaker Dan Radomski, the Executive Director of the Lawrence Technological University Centropolis Accelerator, why Detroit is such an important market for SPESA to get to. Check out his answers below. And if you haven't done so already, you can learn more and register for the Advancements Conference here. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Dan speak on the SKU of One - The Drive for Sustainability panel.

Why is your company based in Detroit?

Unlike any other region in the world, Michigan has such a significant number of developers in physical product, advanced material and manufacturing technology who benefit from a hardware accelerator program that supports both startups and existing small businesses with product development services from prototype engineering to investment for commercialization.

What do you think makes Detroit special?

Innovative thinking, resilience, and endless hustle.

What do you think the future of manufacturing in Detroit will look like?

Industry 4.0 automation solutions are already disrupting manufacturing in most industries. Adoption of digital mfg systems, automation, connected worker platforms, AI inspection technologies, etc. are available now and those manufacturers who adopt these technologies will improve their throughput, quality, and operational efficiencies. It provides an opportunity for the apparel industry to adopt these technologies to allow our Detroit based textile and sewn goods mfg firms to be globally competitive.

Why do you think Detroit is an important hub for sewn products manufacturing?

  1. I find Detroiters to be entrepreneurial, creative, and they are not afraid to work with their hands.

  2. Being that Detroit is predominantly a community of color, there is an opportunity for these community members to seize and own the market.

  3. Advanced mfg solutions are available to innovate its manufacturing capabilities to compete globally.

What are you most excited about for the conference?

Centrepolis globally crowd sources the most advanced automation and i4.0 technologies in the world. We are interested in how we take these mfg technologies used in other industries like automotive into textile and sewn goods production to improve efficiencies and provide a domestic competitive advantage.

The Centrepolis Accelerator is a non-profit focused on the growth of Southeast Michigan’s small manufacturers and hardware entrepreneurs by providing access to key resources and a collaborative community and product development and manufacturing experts. Learn more here.

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