Webinar | Digital Technologies: Driving Change in the U.S. Textiles & Apparel Market

Updated: Jul 20

By WhatTheyThink

This announcement was recently shared by WhatTheyThink. The webinar will take place July 20 and feature SPESA member ISAIC.

As so often happens, entrepreneurs in the textiles & apparel industry are driving change in the U.S. market. While digitally-driven businesses have not yet reached critical mass, there are good examples of companies that are taking advantage of new ways of working and doing business to build the businesses of the future. In this webinar, scheduled for July 20 at 1 PM Eastern, we will hear from:

  • Debbie McKeegan, textiles expert and WhatTheyThink contributor, on how new manufacturing techniques are changing the world of design and offering new business opportunities.

  • Kirby Best of BMC.fashion and Kerry King of Spoonflower describing their digitally-driven manufacturing process and the benefits it brings to brands, designers and consumers alike.

  • Jennifer Guarino of ISAIC will discuss educating the next generation of textile & apparel workers.

If you are involved in textiles & apparel, or considering getting involved, this webinar is for you.

Webinar Registration - Zoom

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