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Tukatech LIVE Production and On-Demand Manufacturing at Texprocess Americas

Updated: May 18, 2022

Press Release

Tukatech is a member of SPESA and will be exhibiting at Texprocess Americas May 17-19, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tukatech will be showing a live smart factory that reverses the development process of apparel production with the goal of eliminating waste. The approach to achieving this goal is through demand manufacturing, making garments AFTER they are sold.

The technology we will display at Texprocess Americas includes software and hardware for use in large or small scale apparel production. System specialists will provide demos on the show floor for digital pattern making, grading, and marker making as well as 3D fashion design, where you can place prints, repeats, and motifs in real scale on a 3D model.

The hardware will include sublimation printing, automatic high-ply fabric cutting, tension free fabric spreading, a dual-head single-ply laser cutter, and unit production system that will work in concert.

We are doing LIVE production cutting and spreading for Los Angeles Apparel, the largest apparel manufacturer in the G7, spreading and cutting 10,000 - 15,000 garments per day.

Also, we will sew four products in 12 sizes and 20 prints, which will be designed, printed, cut, and sewn LIVE within our microfactory setup on the show floor.

See the production of a garment from start to finish in a demand manufacturing smart factory at Texprocess Americas.

This press release was issued May 3, 2022. Tukatech is a member of SPESA.

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