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Tukatech Launches GP-800 High Ply Cutter at $99,000.00

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Press Release

Fashion industry technology leader, Tukatech is known for offering affordable technologies to the fashion industry. GP-800 is the general-purpose automatic cutter with ability to cut up to 8.00 CM compressed.

The Award-Winning features like the ‘eco-power vacuum’ system that guarantees considerable power savings at only 5.5kw, the lowest in comparable industry. Installation, training, consulting, upgrades etc. are available at reasonable cost.

Tukatech will continue to offer TUKAcut customized machines for Lingerie, Denim, Composites, Automotive, Safety Products and more with turn-key packages which are available. Universal fabric cutting systems are available in custom widths and heights. These machines are designed to give the ultimate performance at the lowest running cost. Though cutting productivity is at least 20% higher than other models on the market, the energy cost is 50% to 70% lower which helps tremendously for users in countries where energy cost is a major consideration.

Other upgradeable features produce the highest productivity per hour cutting denim with zero buffer, as well as a cut path optimizer that results in 2.2%-3.6% fabric savings compared to other cutting machines and helps to increase productivity.

Ram Sareen, founder of Tukatech, explains that he chose to offer automation without unaffordable service contracts, enabling even the smallest company a chance to compete.

“The GS-800 model has the same quality of workmanship and performance we have been offering since 1995 with our Italian fabric cutting machine manufacturer, FK Group” continues Sareen. Tukatech was the first partner of FK Group to take FK cutting machines out of Italy in 1995, with many of the machines installed in the US, Mexico, Canada, and India at that time are still running, producing amazing quality.

According to Sareen, the partnership with FK Group allows Tukatech to offer garment manufacturers reliable fabric CNC cutting machines at competitive prices. “Similar to engineering companies like AMG partnering with Daimler-Benz to offer an amazingly high-performance machine to drivers who appreciate the engineering, we offer just the same with our partnership with F.K. Group” comments Ram Sareen.

About Tukatech - Tukatech was founded in 1995 with the objective to have pattern makers create patterns digitally on the computer. Tukatech is an influential fashion technology company known worldwide for innovative solutions and superior technical support. They are the industry’s leading provider of fashion software and machinery for product development, cloud collaboration, and garment manufacturing.

This press release was issued September 21, 2022. Tukatech is a SPESA member.

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