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Shimmy Technologies Trains 10,000th Worker, Helping Transform Industrial Education

Updated: Jun 20

Press Release

Shimmy Technologies, a pioneer in industrial education technology, proudly announces a significant milestone: the successful training of its 10,000th worker.

Leveraging a cutting-edge blended learning model, Shimmy combines gamification, AI, and traditional machine training to reimagine workforce development, optimizing training costs and time to meet the demands of today's economic landscape and complex supply chains.

"This milestone underscores our team's unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering top-notch training while efficiently scaling our operations," remarked Sarah Krasley, CEO at Shimmy Technologies. "Our recent investments in the Shimmy platform empower us to reach more workers without compromising the quality of our training."

Shimmy's innovative approach yields remarkable results. A majority of trainees secure higher-level positions and command better starting salaries, with over 50% advancing to more complex machine roles within their factories. Notably, 72% of those receiving advanced manufacturing training identify as women, marking a significant stride towards gender equity in the industry.

An independent efficiency study recently validated Shimmy's training methodology. The study shows substantial improvements in factory efficiency, reduced absenteeism, and increased worker motivation and proves the commercial value of Shimmy's training.

Looking forward, Shimmy Technologies unveils plans for forthcoming developments aimed at accelerating speed, scale, and outreach. These initiatives aim to support workers in new ways and fortify supply chains amidst extreme volatility.

"In the coming months, we'll be rolling out new features that will enable us to reach even more workers, faster and more efficiently," added Krasley. "We remain steadfast in our mission to empower workers with essential skills, helping them justly transition if displaced, and stay relevant as employers look to new ways to build resilience in their production lines.”

According to Shimmy's research, the number of automated machines in participating factories will increase by 13% over the next two years. Factories anticipate that each machine could displace between 1-6 workers per machine. This displacement is expected to disproportionately impact female workers, as only 20% of factories expressed a preference to address the gender gap and promote female workers to operate the automated machines.

About Shimmy Technologies

Shimmy Technologies is a leading provider of industrial education technology, offering innovative solutions to streamline workforce development. Through a blend of gamification, AI, and traditional training methods, Shimmy empowers workers with the skills necessary to thrive in today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape. The result: Satisfied workers and for manufacturers more than a 20% increase in workforce efficiency.

This press release was issued June 11, 2024. Shimmy Technologies is a SPESA member.

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