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SEDDI (USA) Brings Yoram Burg On-board as Chief Commercial Officer

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

By Apparel Resources

SEDDI, a US-based science-backed software company that is redesigning how fashion goes to market with its cloud-native apparel simulation and 3D CAD solutions, has on-boarded new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) to head up sales efforts.

Yoram Burg, a graduate of the MEI program from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, will be joining the position as he brings 30 years of entrepreneurial and information technology experience spanning across Asia, the Middle East and North America with him to SEDDI.

“I am very excited to have joined the SEDDI team. My 2D-3D CAD journey is going on 20 years now and I feel SEDDI is the next big thing. From my experience in the apparel industry, it has been missing a scientifically sound online 3D authoring software. In my view, SEDDI offers this, and is further developing new solutions that greatly simplify the production process and make it a collaborative effort,” commented Burg on his appointment.

For 17 years, Burg served as the President of US and Canada under Optitex and EFI. Since mid-2019, he served as Global VP of Sales for Embodee Corp.

“We are so fortunate that Yoram has chosen to join our team and bring his wealth of experience and industry knowledge to us,” mentioned Graham Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, SEDDI.

This announcement was published in Apparel Resources September 2, 2022. SEDDI is a SPESA member. Yoram will join as a speaker at SPESA's 2022 Advancements in Manufacturing Technologies Conference September 13, 2022 in Detroit, MI.

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