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Rising Star: Enrico Cartabbia

Updated: Jul 7, 2021


This month, Behind the Seams is featuring "rising stars" in the sewn products world, individuals who have been recognized as future leaders for our industry. When we asked SPESA members for nominations, we received an instant reply from Eleonora Cartabbia of MACPI GROUP. She told us that Mr. Enrico Cartabbia has been working at Macpi for five years, following the American and Canadian markets in the last three, then also dedicating himself to the market of Central America, obtaining great results for the company. He has won the trust of customers and collaborators in the textile and garment industry all over the world by demonstrating great technical knowledge as well as great charisma.

Below is a Q&A with Enrico to help us get to know him better!

What is your current job position? And what does your role entail?

Enrico Cartabbia: Currently I’m managing the operations of Macpi Group for the Americas, it’s an incredible opportunity as it represents a challenge and a privilege at the same time.

In order to do that and stay connected with our network of customers and distributors everything needs to be planned in the proper way with a long-term view. This means first of all the selection of a great business partner with a good positioning and reputation in the local market, that’s the most important aspect.

Then of course I need to have a clear picture of each country and how business is moving there, and understand the most suitable machines based on the productions and the target price.

Keep in touch weekly in order to follow up on the projects, arrange video calls with customers in order to give them the right knowledge about our solutions and on how they can automatize and make their production floor efficient.

How were you first introduced to the sewn products industry? What attracted you to it?

EC: I have this job “in the blood.” My grandfather, along with my granduncle, founded Macpi Group back in the '60s. So, I always felt the company was like home, a place to achieve both personal and work satisfactions, along with the great staff of collaborators there are in Macpi.

Even while studying in University, I was always living the company, from the scratch assembling machines, working in many external suppliers. In the end I finally joined the company that had given me a strong base in order to be ready.

What attracted me into this industry is the passion for a job that from one side is part of my life and from the other is challenging and inspiring. Our philosophy is focused on innovation and quality, so it’s more than simple machine sales, it’s being part of an industry where we can play a huge role in order to move forward with new solutions and applications.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your current role?

EC: The most important thing I learned in my role is to be transparent and clear, to respect my product, and to respect our customers and distributors. I learned immediately that a long-standing view means maintaining a clean reputation, for myself and for my company. When you deliver quality machines, along with service, spare parts, support, and professionality, your job is done properly. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of pricing and you lose the priority of the focuses that brought Macpi to where it is today.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned about the sewn products industry?

EC: The most surprising thing I learned are all the processes that happen behind garment construction. This is an incredible world where you need to be specialized and where you learn something every day.

Is there someone in your life who has inspired you to “reach for the stars”? How has this person been influential in your life?

EC: For sure my inspiration comes from my family, especially from my grandfather with whom I had the chance to spend time at work. He was a genius who realized so much for this industry, so many inventions that changed the way we produce apparel, in the pressing and finishing department and later with stitch-free technology. His vision was incredible and he transmitted this to everybody in the company. He would always look and move forward in order to be part of the few real innovators who bring concrete solutions to the industry.

Then, of course, my father is a great leader, and, thanks to his experience, is always able to suggest the best way to proceed.

I would like to give a great amount of appreciation for the unique staff here in Macpi who helped me a lot in my growth. Their experience and leadership are inspiring.

What is something you have accomplished during your career that makes you proud?

EC: In my career, I had the chance to meet the best fashion groups in the world, with whom we have worked for many years and with whom we created long-term partnerships. I also feel very proud for the acquisition of new customers who had never used Macpi machines before and have now realized what we’re able to provide and they’re extremely happy. I think the best satisfaction comes from the hard work and when this is recognized.

What are your long-term career goals?

EC: My long term career goals are to develop more and more the Macpi brand in the world, finding partners who are willing to work along with us in this journey. I believe that when you know who you are and where you come from, you know where you have to go. Macpi’s strategy is built on the pillars that are our historic foundation and also are our drive for the future of the company.

I’ll for sure experience different positions and markets in order to have a 360° view, and to have the chance to understand the different mentalities within this industry. In the next 10, 20, 30 years I would like to be at Macpi, along with my family, my colleagues, and my people, in order to build together the future of our company. I will be for sure somewhere around the world spreading the excellence of the real Made in Italy.

Thank you to Enrico for taking the time to answer our questions and share his company and family with us!

From the dream of two youngsters to the world stage, MACPI GROUP is one of the most successful global companies in the production of machinery for the apparel industry. Today, MACPI serves 10,000+ customers in 100+ countries, offering professional pressing machines and industrial laundry machinery, as well as stitch-free technologies for clothing and accessories and machines to assist with logistics and distribution throughout the world.

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