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PFAFF INDUSTRIAL/KSL - Pacemaker in Automation Technology

Updated: Oct 5, 2021


Sewing competence and unique expertise in handling & tooling are combined in the PFAFF INDUSTRIAL / KSL robot units (e.g. KL 500, KL 502, KL 504)

Excellent product know-how and continuous innovation – that is what the PFAFF (Industrial) trademark has been known for since 1862. We draw on the innovative strength of more than 150 years of experience in joining technical and non-technical textiles, leather and composites for our successful activities. Our core competence is our expertise in a range of joining technologies, such as sewing and the welding techniques of ultrasonic, hot-air and hot-wedge welding. Here, we are perceived as a global solution provider; here, our customers see us as an innovation and technology leader (with the brands PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and KSL).

New facility for KSL hightech products in Bensheim/Germany

Our highly motivated employees at the Kaiserslautern and Bensheim sites have the required experience in process technology, electrical engineering, automation technology, and robotics to master the future challenges in the markets with regard to automation and networking (Industry 4.0).

Increasing Automation in an Industry, Characterised by Manual Workplaces

Automation and robot-assisted manufacturing will also revolutionize the shoe and apparel industries in the future

Increasing wage costs in the emerging markets and limited personnel resources are at odds with the percentage of manual labour in industrial textile and leather processing, which remains high. Like almost no other industry, manual workplaces (still) dominate the fields of sewing or joining. With our high-tech industrial sewing machines, CNC sewing machines, sewing robots (2D/3D), welding systems, docu-seam systems, multi-needle sewing systems and fully automatic production solutions, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL/KSL help our textile and leather-processing customers to increase the degree of automation in their production. Automation increases productivity and process reliability and relieves the industry from its reliance on “human resources.”

Bundling Expertise to Meet the Challenges of Future Markets

The PFAFF INDUSTRIAL/KSL LABORATORY is the interface between complex customer requests and the demanding robot and CNC technologies. Customer-centric solutions and skills are developed in LABORATORY on the basis of many years of experience and expertise. Within the unique centre of excellence, simulation and feasibility studies are carried out, prototypes and small batch series are implemented and special sewing heads for systems are designed and assembled.

From the Idea to Automation and Robot-supported Manufacturing

Portal construction of a PFAFF INDUSTRIAL / KSL robot unit. Predestinated for the use on very large parts, e.g. from the aircraft industry

The individual wishes/applications of renowned customers from Europe, USA and Asia have already been taken into the project phase and implemented “Ready For Production”. The LABORATORY plays a key role here. PFAFF INDUSTRIAL/KSL is the synonym for “fully automated sewing and welding technology”. Allow us to impress you with our innovative strength as a technology leader in the textile and leather processing industry!

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