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News Coverage | 38th World Fashion Convention

Updated: Apr 18

News Compilation

SPESA and the International Apparel Federation (IAF) jointly hosted the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 22-25, 2023. The event brought together an impressive line-up of speakers and sponsors from companies across the globe. See below for news coverage about the event, plus recent stories from speakers and speaker companies, and sponsor companies.


- Post-Event Coverage -

See below for news coverage following the 38th World Fashion Convention. This will continue to be updated as stories roll in.

Digital Transformation’s Role in Creating a More Sustainable Fashion Industry
Sourcing Journal | November 30, 2023

Digitalization can cross off multiple lines on fashion’s sustainability to-do list, from waste reduction to lower resource consumption. This intersection of environmental action and technological innovation was discussed in multiple sessions at the World Fashion Convention co-hosted by the Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA) and the International Apparel Federation (IAF). Speakers shared how gaining a better read on demand with artificial intelligence reduces overproduction and waste, how virtual design cuts back on sample creation, and how using scannable technology for care and product labels can reduce material use.

U.S. Supply Chain Group To Aid Apparel Trade Reset, Unlock Americas Growth
Just Style | November 10, 2023

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles & Apparel at the US Department of Commerce, Jennifer Knight, reveals the "co-production" fashion supply chain is the new focus for the US with the CAFTA-DR region being well positioned to grow its fashion sourcing market share. Just Style reports on DAS Knight's presentation in Philadelphia

Breaking the Fashion Industry’s Low Price Cycle
Just Style | November 10, 2023

IAF's secretary general, Matthijs Crietee, hopes more fashion manufacturers and factories will break out of the low price trap in 2024 whereby higher volume orders are made to compensate for goods being sold at discounted prices. Excerpts from Matthij's interview with Just Style in Philadelphia.

We Left Philadelphia as a Global Taskforce Dedicated to Driving Change in Industry
texfash | November 9, 2023

SPESA President Michael McDonald discusses the 38th World Fashion Convention with texfash, what he found successful, and the context in which the event was held in the United States.

Fashion’s Working To Balance ‘Long-term Value Versus Short-term Pricing’
Sourcing Journal | November 8, 2023

In these uncertain times, experts say supply chains must evolve accordingly to manage disruptions and build in resiliency. Sourcing Journal outlines how this topic was raised during the 38th World Fashion Convention as speakers tackled trade trends, where production is moving, and new ways of working that improve efficiency.

Now or Never for Advancing the U.S. Apparel Manufacturing Sector
Just Style | November 3, 2023

Just Style's Laura Husband sat down with SPESA President Michael McDonald in Philadelphia to discuss the current landscape for U.S. apparel manufacturing and why now is the time to invest in it. Notably, Mr. McDonald shares that it is his goal and SPESA's goal to draw attention to manufacturing efforts in the Western Hemisphere, and the World Fashion Convention sets the stage to do so. He states: “When I joined the IAF I was adamant the Western Hemisphere is a re-emerging opportunity for manufacturing and IAF members should be interested in it.”

Discussion Should Be about Sharing Risks and Rewards Than Simply Transferring Risks
texfash | November 3, 2023

The just-concluded 38th World Fashion Convention at Philadelphia delved deep into issues plaguing the textile-apparel-fashion industry. Matthijs Crietee, Secretary-General, International Apparel Federation (IAF), sheds light on the roadmap chalked out to help industry achieve its Net Zero goals.

SPESA Welcomes New Board Member, Announces New Officer Slate, and Presents Inaugural Member Emeritus Awards
Press Release | November 1, 2023

During its recent Annual Business Meeting, SPESA announced the approval of its incoming officers and the election of the Board Class of 2026, which includes David Handal, a new member to the association’s Board of Directors. SPESA also presented the recipients of the inaugural SPESA Member Emeritus awards: Benton Gardner, Dave Gardner, Al Irvine, Lonny Schwartz, and Sam Simpson.

Press pick-up:

At World Fashion Congress, Experts Say Legislation Will Support ‘Good Behavior’
Sourcing Journal | October 30, 2023

Sourcing Journal's Sarah Jones offers an overview of some of the key trends discussed during last week's 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia. Environmental and social responsibility were common threads throughout multiple talks. Speakers discussed how conventional business practices have already changed, and how they have to evolve going forward. In the piece, Jones quotes multiple speakers including Leila Naja Hibri, Steve Lamar, Alexander Kohnstamm, Avedis Seferian, Sarah Dadush, Julie Willoughby, PhD., Bryant LaPres, and keynote Yusuf Amdani.

Countering Fashion Sourcing Geopolitics with Death of U.S. Free Trade Deals
Just Style | October 30, 2023

Former Tapestry and VF executive Tom Glaser gave an incredibly straight-talking keynote speech during the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia. Recently retired from the fashion sourcing world, Glaser gave his personal yet expert viewpoint on how U.S. fashion sourcing executives should be developing a sourcing strategy as we approach 2024.

Key Takeaways from IAF's 38th World Fashion Convention
Blog Post | October 27, 2023

World Fashion Convention sponsor K3 had an "absolute blast" at the event! Read their takeaways from the event with a focus on industry collaboration, integration, compliance, and transparency.

Altan Re-Elected as President of IAF
Just Style | October 25, 2023

Cem Altan, current president of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and vice president of the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association (TGSD), is all set to lead the coalition of apparel industry stakeholders for another two years after being re-elected as president. The IAF General Assembly unanimously accepted the IAF’s Board of Directors’ proposal to extend Altan’s term ahead of the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Fashion Manufacturers ‘Can’t Act Green When in the Red’
Just Style | October 24, 2023

There are many plans to lower the fashion industry’s carbon footprint, however IAF President Cem Altan explains demand has taken a big hit this year with production capacity in factories too low and the transition too slow. Just Style’s Laura Husband quotes IAF President Cem Altan as well as former SPESA Chairman Ed Gribbin in this article, part of the news outlet’s ongoing coverage of the recent World Fashion Convention, co-hosted by IAF and SPESA.

Boathouse Sports CEO on Making Philadelphia Apparel Production Work
Sourcing Journal | October 24, 2023

During the 38th World Fashion Convention presented by IAF and SPESA, Boathouse Sports CEO Cindy DiPietrantonio sat down with SPESA’s Michael McDonald to discuss the company’s onshoring story. “Proving skeptics wrong, the Northern Philadelphia-based company has succeeded.” Sourcing Journal’s Sarah Jones covered the Philadelphia event.


- Pre-Event Coverage -

See below for news coverage leading up to the 38th World Fashion Convention.

AI Project Aims To Add Value to Fashion Brands While Boosting Supplier Profits
Just Style | October 17, 2023

The International Trade Centre (ITC) and International Apparel Federation (IAF) have partnered on an AI-based innovation that claims to deliver full supply chain profitability and added value to both fashion brands and manufacturers. The joint study applies learnings from the car and electronics industries to show how material suppliers and fashion manufacturers can create "smart flexibility" by postponing production commitments closer to actual demand and unlocking capital from unneeded inventory and excess production. Additional coverage can be found here, here and here.

IAF, SPESA World Fashion Convention to Explore Regional Sourcing Solutions
Just Style | October 13, 2023

Just Style's Laura Husband offered an overview of what to expect on the first day of the 38th World Fashion Convention: In addition to a morning networking event, the event kicked off with a fireside chat with GK Foundation Chairman and Forbes Author, Yusuf, Amdani. The U.S. Department of Commerce offered an industry update, and live panel discussions ranged from what’s new in Made-in-America manufacturing to everything you need to know when manufacturing in emerging markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America. Plus, there was a market update on Türkiye as a key sourcing destination by analysis company McKinsey & Company.

Inditex and the International Apparel Federation Sign Framework Agreement
Press Release | October 2, 2023

Multinational clothing company Inditex and the International Apparel Federation (IAF) have signed a framework agreement to drive significant transformation in the global garment industry through clear objectives and concrete lines of action to support the adoption of more sustainable practices and technologies. Additional industry coverage is available here. IAF has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to advance a shared vision for equitable and sustainable global supply chains for the apparel industry.

IAF Launches Export Support Tool for Fashion Companies
Just Style | September 19, 2023

The International Apparel Federation (IAF) has recently launched the 'Gateway to Europe' platform to provide what it calls a comprehensive export support solution for fashion companies to navigate the European market successfully. ‘Gateway to Europe’ is a full-service solution covering marketing and sales; logistics and fulfillment; customs and VAT; financial organization and compliance and regulations. IAF points out that the platform is uniquely positioned to work within the context of its industry association members from all over the world.

GK Global Chairman & Forbes Books Author Yusuf Amdani To Speak at Upcoming 38th World Fashion Convention this October in Philadelphia
Press Release | August 16, 2023

SPESA and IAF announced the addition of Mohammed Yusuf Amdani Bai, GK Global Chairman and Forbes Books Author, to the impressive speaker line-up for the 38th World Fashion Convention being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 22-25, 2023. Mr. Amdani is a successful businessman, visionary, entrepreneur, and investor. His experience in Pakistan, Central America, and around the world spans textiles, real estate, lifestyle, technology, and agriculture.

Press pick-up:

Textil Expres (in Spanish)

IAF, SPESA to Tackle Supply Chain Challenges at 38th World Fashion Convention
Just Style | July 17, 2023

At this year’s World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia, leading brands, retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers converged to address critical industry issues, notably sustainability and circularity. The convention served as a platform for vigorous debates and discussions on and off the stage, with the goal of identifying the best approaches and practices.

Industry Associations Call for Digital Labeling To Reduce Waste and Increase Consumer Access to Information
texfash | July 13, 2023

A global coalition of 130 organizations — led by American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and International Apparel Federation (IAF), and including SPESA — has urged supranational, national, and local authorities around the world to modernize domestic textile, garment, footwear, and related accessories labeling requirements and legally allow more sustainable and economic digital labels for required labeling information. The letter can be downloaded here. If you are interested in this topic, check out the Inc. article: “Why Some Brands Say QR Codes Are the Clothing Labels of the Future — and a Massive Opportunity.”

IAF and SPESA Prepare Speaker Line-Up for 38th World Fashion Convention
Press Release | July 13, 2023

While several events cover the challenges that our industry faces, the World Fashion Convention is unique in its consistent and rigorous global supply chain perspective. IAF and SPESA prepared a very strong speaker line-up for the 38th edition which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 22-25.

Press pick-up:

2-Decade Hiatus Ends with IAF Convention in North America
Fibre2Fashion | June 13, 2023

The publication shared news about IAF and SPESA’s joint 38th World Fashion Convention, which took place October 22-25 in Philadelphia at the historic Bellevue Hotel. Fun fact: the event was the first IAF convention in the U.S. in more than 20 years.

Tom Glaser To Join as Keynote Speaker at 38th World Fashion Convention this October in Philadelphia
Press Release | May 31, 2023

SPESA and The International Apparel Federation (IAF) announced that industry veteran Tom Glaser would join as a keynote speaker at the 38th World Fashion Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 22-25, 2023. Mr. Glaser brings to the table decades of industry insight and expertise. The majority of his career was spent at VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear, and accessories companies.

Press pick-up:

Registration for the 38th World Fashion Convention Now Open!
Press Release | March 21, 2023

IAF and SPESA announced that the registration for the 38th World Fashion Convention held October 22-25 in Philadelphia was now open. This edition in Philadelphia brought together the full global supply chain, including U.S., Canadian and European brands, (Latin) American, European, African and Asian manufacturers, as well as solution and technology providers, educators and policy makers.

Press pick-up:


- Speaker News -

See below for recent news coverage about 38th World Fashion

Convention speakers and speaker companies.

AFC’s Seamless Project Completes First Phase, Key Milestones Listed
TexFash | November 14, 2023

Seamless, a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to transform how clothing is made, used, and recirculated in Australia to achieve clothing circularity by 2030, has completed its first phase towards delivery of ambitious industry transformation and optimal outcomes for all key stakeholders.

Leila Naja Hibri, CEO of the Australian Fashion Council, provided an overview of the Seamless Clothing Stewardship Scheme at the recent 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia. Click here to view her presentation.

Ghana on Track To Synthetic Verticality as Biden Commits to AGOA Renewal
Just Style | November 13, 2023

President Biden has committed to renewing the African Growth and Opportunity Act beyond 2025, however DTRT Apparel's co-founder and co-CEO Marc Hansult urges the U.S. to renew it for another decade at least to reap the benefits of synthetic verticality in the region. DTRT Apparel is in the final stages of financing for its first textile mill in Ghana to make synthetic-based performance garments in the region.

Delaware Expert Dr. Sheng Lu Provides Insight on Fast Fashion
Delaware Today | November 6, 2023

University of Delaware Professor (and friend of SPESA) Dr. Sheng Lu recently appeared in an episode of ABC's Nightline on Hulu “Unboxing Shein.” Delaware Today follows up with questions about fast fashion and sustainable shopping.

Dr. Lu provided an industry update at the recent 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia. Click here to view his presentation.

A Climate Tech Startup — and Earthshot Prize Finalist — Designs New Method To Reduce Clothing Waste
CBS News | November 6, 2023

CBS News highlights Circ’s efforts to sustainably “refashion” the clothing industry, from turning tobacco leaves into biofuels to recycling poly-cotton clothing to partnering with major brands. Circ plans to open its first industrial-scale factory by 2026, and replicate them around the world, recycling billions of pieces of clothing.

Zara-Owner Inditex to Buy Recycled Polyester from U.S. Start-up
Reuters | October 25, 2023

Zara-owner Inditex agreed to buy recycled polyester from a U.S. start-up as it aims for 25% of its fibers to come from "next-generation" materials by 2030. Under the offtake deal, Inditex will buy 70% of Ambercycle's production of recycled polyester, which is sold under the brand cycora, over three years, Inditex CEO Oscar Garcia Maceiras said at a business event in Zaragoza, Spain. Additional coverage can be found here.

Inditex's Mr. Javier Losada spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Circ Scales Up With Mara Hoffman, Kering’s China Start-up Awards: Short Takes
WWD | October 24, 2023

Climate neutral-certified designer Mara Hoffman has added another notch in her sustainable belt: unveiling her first gown using Circ’s Lyocell. The first capsule collection of 35 gowns dropped last week, and Hoffman has committed to incorporating the fiber, which is made up of 50 percent recycled poly-cotton waste, into her collection. Additional coverage can be found here.

Circ's Julie Willoughby, Ph.D. spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Online Retailer Shein Has Catapulted to the Top of Fast Fashion -- But Not Without Controversy
ABC News | October 27, 2023

Sheng Lu, Ph.D. was recently featured in an IMPACT x Nightline investigative piece on fast-fashion brand, Shein. The episode is available for streaming in the U.S. on Hulu. Check out the preview here (five points if you can spot Dr. Lu in the trailer!). See below for a clip of the episode. Additional coverage can be found here.

Sheng Lu, Ph.D. spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

‘We Can’t Act Green if We’re in the Red’: Why Suppliers Need a Seat at the Table
Sourcing Journal | October 3, 2023

The buyer-supplier partnership is a bit like a marriage, says Alexander Kohnstamm, executive director at the Fair Wear Foundation. If you’re not in regular communication, small misunderstandings can quickly blow out of proportion, creating larger issues that risk capsizing the entire relationship.

Fair Wear Foundation's Mr. Alexander Kohnstamm spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Türkiye Textile Exporters Hone In on Sustainability, Nearshoring Potential
Just Style | September 22, 2023

With the global fashion industry focused on speed-to-market and sustainability, Türkiye’s textile exporters are presented with some great opportunities for growth, according to Just Style. Türkiye is in a unique position as a textile producer given it has the ability to source fibers from within the country itself, spin them into fabrics, and supply the country’s mammoth apparel production base for export.

Attendees at the World Fashion Convention had a chance to hear from Ms. Petra Ghicu of analysis company McKinsey & Company, who presented a market update on Türkiye as a key sourcing destination.

Apparel Impact Institute Announces (Aii) First Grant Recipients from its Climate Solutions Portfolio (CSP) to Promote Decarbonization in the Fashion Industry
Press Release | September 19, 2023

Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) announced its first deployment of grants from its Climate Solutions Portfolio (CSP). This registry of proven carbon reduction solutions for the fashion industry is based on effectiveness, reach, scale, and cost, and represents the first deployed capital from Aii's catalytic Fashion Climate Fund. Grantees include Precision Development, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Made2Flow, BluWin and PwC. These grants are funded by philanthropic contributions from the Fashion Climate Fund's lead partners including H&M Foundation, H&M Group, Lululemon, The PVH Foundation, Target and the Schmidt Family Foundation. Additional coverage on Aii’s announcement can be found here and here.

Aii's Bryant LaPres spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Prince William's Earthshot Prize Announces Finalists for 2023 Awards
CBS News | September 19, 2023

In September, Prince William was in New York City for Climate Week, the climate summit that coincides with the United Nations General Assembly. During his visit, he announced 15 finalists for the 2023 Earthshot Prize. One of those finalists is a company called Circ that recently created a solution to enable the recycling of polycotton fabrics, which make up half of all textile waste. Additional information on Circ’s polycotton fabrics recycling solutions can be found here.

Circ's Julie Willoughby, Ph.D. spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Under the Skin of Central America’s Fashion Sourcing Success
Just Style | September 13, 2023

Patricia Figueroa, Central America–Dominican Republic Apparel and Textile Council (CECATEC-RD)’s executive director, says new investments and an integrated, traceable supply chain are key to the regional apparel sector's recovery following the pandemic and cost of living crisis that is pressuring trade.

Representatives from CECATEC-RD and VESTEX, Ms. Karin De León and Mr. Alejandro Ceballos, spoke about manufacturing in Central America during the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Global Entrepreneur Shares Insights on Transforming Developing Economies
Press Release | September 12, 2023

Yusuf Amdani, one of the keynote speakers for the 38th World Fashion Convention, recently announced the launch of his new book World of Opportunity: Bringing Sustainable Business to Fragile Economies. Published by Forbes Books, Amdani guides his readers on how business can help shore up fragile economies. His programs have directly reduced migration levels while his nonprofit foundation addresses the needs of vulnerable populations. "It is my desire that we collectively paint a new landscape for the coming generations," said Amdani. "My hope is that, after reading this book, you'll see the world as a place you can touch and change. You'll grasp how doing business in developing countries can be an all-around win."

Mr. Yusuf Amdani joined as a keynote for the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

The Vogue Business 100 Innovators: Sustainability Thought Leaders
Vogue Business | September 11, 2023

Vogue Business recently announced its list of 2023 sustainability innovators, which include founders, activists, organizers, and designers all working toward a common goal: to bring fashion’s footprint within the realm of planetary boundaries, minimizing waste and spent resources. Included in the list is Lewis Perkins. President of Aii. Last year, Aii launched the $250 million Fashion Climate Fund to finance initiatives, from renewable energy to next-gen materials, that will help decarbonise the supply chain.

Aii's Bryant LaPres spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

Vivobarefoot, Circ Partner for Circular Footwear
Just Style | September 6, 2023

Footwear manufacturer Vivobarefoot and textile-to-textile recycling company Circ have entered into a partnership to develop circular solutions and will be designing footwear uppers that can be recycled or upcycled. The two companies will collaboratively design and develop footwear uppers made entirely of a single material (polyester) that can be chemically recycled and reused in the production of new footwear without the need to add any virgin materials.

Circ's Julie Willoughby, Ph.D. spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

The Puma x Lemlem Collab Offers A Vibrant Twist On Athleisure Staples
Refinery 29 | August 25, 2023

Back in August, Puma announced an athleisure collaboration with Lemlem. The sportswear giant and the clothing and swimwear label founded by Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede released apparel and footwear that features a new version of the NITRO shoe, a lightweight athletic trainer with a chunky sole, as well as sports bras, leggings and outerwear, all in the geometric and abstract prints that Lemlem has come to be known for.

Jessica Ramey, CEO, Mercantilia Consulting and Production Manager at Lemlem spoke at the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.


- Sponsor News -

See below for recent news coverage about 38th World Fashion

Convention sponsor companies.

ideation 2023: Rebuilding the Industry’s Future Together
Event Announcement | November 1, 2023

Taking place at the Lectra Innovation Center in New York City on November 16th, this year's ideation will present a fully immersive journey in the latest technology and innovations impacting the industry. Bringing together some of the industry's top thought leaders, the Lectra event will aim to hone in on how we all work together to rebuild the industry's future.

CGS Named Among Prestigious Top 20 Training Companies for Advanced Technologies
Press Release | October 31, 2023

CGS, a global provider of applications, enterprise learning, immersive technologies, and outsourcing services, is pleased to announce its prestigious recognition as a Top 20 Provider of Advanced Learning Technologies in the 2023 Training Industry Top Training Companies list. The SPESA member was acknowledged for its exceptional contributions to the global corporate learning and development market.

Cotton Incorporated's Blue Jeans Go Green Program Highlights Positive Impact of Textile Recycling Efforts on America Recycles Day
Press Release | October 30, 2023

Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program closes the loop on textile waste by reusing denim made from cotton and recycling well-loved pieces. Since the program’s inception in 2006, over 2,290 tons of denim have been diverted from landfills.

Fibre2Fashion Interview With Kimberly Morgan And Rik Veltman
Fibre2Fashion | October 27, 2023

In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, K3’s Chief Commercial Officer Kimberly Morgan and Fashion Technology Evangelist Rik Veltman discuss how companies can start future-proofing their supply chains. We also recommend you check out this piece in Fibre2Fashion, penned by the K3 team. You can also check out additional coverage about K3's participation at the World Fashion Convention here.

Kornit Helps Hype Become a More Prolific Creative Engine
Knitting Industry Journal | October 26, 2023

UK-based Hype saw a great opportunity to expand its market share and fulfillment capabilities by tapping into the growing KornitX Global Fulfillment Network. “Kornit allows us to respond a lot faster to trends,” said Jake Paling, who oversees art and data handling for Hype. “Historically, if something gets really popular, we take two or three months to react to it, and it’s already gone. Direct-to-garment is really useful for that, and it allows us to have more flexibility, as well. It gives us a lot more freedom with our designs – we can create.”

Textile Industry Eyes $5 Billion Exports to U.S.
Hurriyet Daily News | October 24, 2023

A delegation from the leading Turkish textile and apparel associations has recently traveled to the U.S., eyeing to boost the industry’s exports to the lucrative American market to at least $5 billion. More than 40 Turkish companies attended the ‘I of the World’ event organized in New York. During the two-day event, Turkish exporters held talks with representatives of 120 American firms. The trade delegation included members from the Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (İTHİB) and Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association (İHKİB), the official diamond sponsor of the 38th World Fashion Convention in Philadelphia.

TextileGenesis, a Lectra Company, Inks MOU with International Cotton Association
eTextileCommunications | October 12, 2023

TextileGenesis – the pioneering traceability platform dedicated to the fashion and textile ecosystem, part of the Lectra Group – and the International Cotton Association (ICA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperation and increase their digital collaboration on ethical trade and sustainability. This partnership with the ICA means that all those involved in the cotton supply chain, from production to the creation of fashion products, will be informed that they could potentially be doing business with a company that the ICA has identified as unsafe.

Lectra Appoints Anne Borfiga as General Secretary
Press Release | October 10, 2023

This appointment marks a new stage in Lectra's transformation and confirms the Group's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In addition to her duties as Secretary to Lectra's Board of Directors, Anne Borfiga will act as CSR referent and will be responsible for Human Resources, IT, Legal and Facility Management. Anne Borfiga will also lead the implementation of "The Lectra Way", a set of values and managerial practices that embody the corporate culture Lectra wishes to promote.

Release of GOTS Due Diligence Handbook Marks Sustainable Milestone for Textile Industry
Press Release | October 5, 2023

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), in cooperation with the Hague-based UpRights Foundation, recently announced the launch of the GOTS Due Diligence Handbook for Certified Entities. "The GOTS Due Diligence Handbook marks a significant progression following the incorporation of Due Diligence Criteria in the latest GOTS 7.0 version. It is a testament to GOTS's commitment to supporting Certified Entities in their journey towards required responsible business practices. The Handbook underscores GOTS's dedication to promoting human rights, social justice and environmental integrity".

Rieter Incorporates Traceability in Fiber Preparation Using Haelixa Technology
Indian Textile Magazine | September 19, 2023

Rieter has signed a contract with Haelixa, an award-winning spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), to integrate traceability technology into its spinning process. A spraying system distributes unique DNA markers during mixing to ensure that every fiber is physically marked. With this, the presence of the original fibers during manufacturing can be verified later on through testing. Earlier this month, Haelixa announced that it had secured funding from the Zurich Silk Association (ZISG) to support its mission of DNA marker technology for complete supply chain transparency. Additional coverage can be found here and here.

A&E Unveils New Sustainable Thread Products Awarded With Gold Level C2C Certified™ Material Health Certificates
Press Release | September 19, 2023

Global thread maker, American & Efird (A&E) continued its advancement of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship with the release of two sustainable cotton thread products, each earning a Gold Level C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™. “We are pleased to continue to offer sustainable sewing thread solutions to our customers,” said Chris Alt, A&E President. “We are focused on meeting the current and future demands of our customers with new innovations, while doing right by the environment and the communities in which we operate.” Additional coverage can be found here.

Lectra Takes Furniture on Demand to Mexico
Sourcing Journal | September 15, 2023

SPESA member Lectra announced that it will expand its Furniture on Demand solution to Mexico, making it available to producers south of the border. The cloud-based Furniture on Demand system connects to cutting room floor machinery to streamline production, reduce repetitive daily tasks, integrate orders and optimize costs. “Furniture On Demand is an answer to the economic complexities currently faced by the industry that also improves speed, quality, and traceability in the entirety of the manufacturing process,” said Leonard Marano, President of the Americas at Lectra and SPESA Board member.

TradeBeyond Acquires Pivot88’s Traceability SaaS
Sourcing Journal | September 12, 2023

It was recently announced that Pivot88 has been acquired by TradeBeyond, a platform that helps brands and retailers manage product development, sourcing and logistics. Pivot88’s platform gives users a 360-degree view of a product’s lifecycle, from farm to store, providing retailers with the supply chain data needed to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with labor and sustainability regulations and trade laws. Founder Stephanie Boivin said the deal would underscore the synergies between the two organizations. Boivin, who will transition into a leadership role at TradeBeyond, added that the acquisition will allow the firm “to offer an even more efficient and cost-effective way for global brands and retailers to improve their product quality, manage their supply chain partners, and reduce supply chain risks.”

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