Merrow Group to Purchase Superior Sewing Machine & Supply's Assets and Business Operations

Updated: Apr 7

By Merrow Group

The press release below was issued March 19, 2021. We are sharing because it involves two significant players in the sewn products industry.

In a letter to customers, Superior President Lonny Schwartz noted: "Nothing will change in the way you do business with Superior. In the next few months, ordering, billing, and inventory location will change but the transition is being well-planned, and we intend to make it as 'seamless' as possible." Both Superior and Merrow sell exclusively to dealers and distributors.

Of note, Merrow Sewing Machine Company and Superior Sewing Machine & Supply LLC are both SPESA members.

Fall River, MA, March 19, 2021 — Merrow, a 183-year-old, 8th-generation family-owned company based in Fall River, MA, with centuries-long expertise in sewing and textiles, has expanded its wholesale supply business by acquiring the assets and business operations of Superior Sewing Machine & Supply LLC. Through this acquisition, Merrow positions itself as the largest wholesale supplier of technical parts and supply items for the sewn products industry in the Western Hemisphere.

Incorporated in 1949 and in its 72nd year in business, Superior will join the 183-year-old Merrow Group Companies with a mission to invest in its distribution network and introduce new lines of products that improve the efficiency and profitability of manufacturing operations worldwide.

Superior Sewing will be run as an independent company with its Headquarters in Fall River, MA and offices in Miami and Los Angeles. It is fully committed to providing independent dealers and distributors worldwide with extraordinary customer service, one-stop shopping and the largest portfolio of in-stock products in its marketspace.

In 2020, Superior Sewing’s sales grew 20% in the third and fourth quarter, with annualized improvement de