McCreary Modern Building $6 Million Sewing Plant

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

By Hickory Daily Record

This article was published in the Hickory Daily Record July 1, 2021. We are sharing as an example of investment in U.S. manufacturing. The new plant will be in a region of North Carolina that is already home to a thriving furniture industry as well as manufacturing-focused organizations like the Manufacturing Solutions Center and the Manufacturing & Textile Innovation Network.

Furniture manufacturer McCreary Modern is building a new sewing plant in Newton. The facility will cost about $6 million.

The building is being built next to the company’s current fabric storage and sewing building on U.S. 321 Business, said McCreary Modern President Rick Coffey. Once complete, the entire sewing operation will move into and expand in the new plant. Then, fabric storage and automated fabric cutting will expand in the current building.

“Our business continues to be very robust, and it’s just a response to the demand for our products,” Coffey said.

The company is also expanding its Maiden framing plant and Lenoir woodworking plant. The growth has been in the works for several years, as business has steadily increased. With an even more significant increase in orders since COVID-19 restrictions lifted last year, the expansion is well-timed, Coffey said.

“It’s absolutely been really one of the most overwhelming responses to durable goods, upholstery being a durable good, I’ve ever experienced. It’s good timing,” Coffey said.

The new building will be about 80,000 square feet. Work has already begun to remove trees and grade the land. Construction will likely be done in 2022, Coffey said.

The Maiden expansion may be done in October of this year, and the Lenoir expansion is expected to be complete in early 2022.

The expansions are the most significant that the company has invested in at one time in 20 years, Coffey said.

All together, the two expansions and new building are expected to add 100 jobs to McCreary Modern’s now 1,000-employee workforce, Coffey said.

The business is already hiring for open positions, he said. He hopes higher wages and benefits draw in workers to fill those positions.

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