LFX Acquires FNX Technologies to Speed 3D Product Imaging

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

By Just Style

This article was published in Just Style May 20, 2021. It announces the Li & Fung digital subsidiary LFX's acquisition of FNX Technologies, an apparel 3D render automation startup. The news underscores the role 3D imaging plays as a necessary component to digital fashion production.

LFX, the digital incubator offshoot of sourcing giant Li & Fung, has acquired the remaining stake in FNX Technologies, a North American-based, apparel 3D render automation startup.

The move completes the transaction that began in 2019 when Li & Fung’s Corporate Development team invested in the startup, which is led by experts with decades of experience in the visual FX and animation industry.

“3D is the first step towards digital transformation for the fashion supply chain,” says Ed Lam, CEO of LFX. “However, if companies are going to keep up with ever-changing consumer tastes and scale up their digital product creation to showcase products digitally, they’re going to need to automate 3D image generation and do it at dramatically faster rates.

“FNX has proven it can solve the use of 3D at scale for the media industry, and we know they can do the same for the consumer goods industry.”

Leveraging its vast experience in film and animation, FNX’s automated rendering technology supports multiple formats and integrates with product development tools – and can deliver photorealistic 3D images 20-times faster than traditional methods, LFX says.

It also gives cinematic-quality digital assets for use throughout the entire product development journey – from prototyping, digital fitting, visualising store layout, and merchandising to direct display on e-commerce and social sites.

For brands, this helps provide a dramatic leap in both productivity and creative freedom and, with fewer prototypes, waste and cost are also dramatically reduced.

Following the completion of the transaction, the team from FNX Technologies will join LFX, enhancing its ability to help brands transition to Digital Product Creation & Commerce (DPCC) and augment the team at UNIFi3D, LFX’s newly-formed 3D-as-a-service company.

Darcy Reno, founder and CEO of FNX Technologies, will assume the role of chief technology officer of DPCC for LFX.

“By joining LFX, we can combine our knowledge, experience, and resources in 3D digital product developments at scale, making it easier for us to help brands and retailers master 3D and transition to digital product creation and commerce at the necessary scale,” he says.

Launched in April, LFX aims to tap into knowledge, experience and relationships across the global supply chain to identify technologies that will have an immediate impact both now and in the future.

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