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Lectra Partners with Microsoft to Boost Digital Transformation in the Fashion Industry

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

By Lectra

PARIS, Feb. 4, 2021 — Today, Lectra announces its partnership with Microsoft, which will help brands and retailers in the fashion industry focus on both technological innovation and digital acceleration. The commercial and technological partnership between the two brands is the result of several years of collaboration. This partnership was initiated by Lectra in 2015, when the company chose Azure for the development of some of its solutions, in particular Kubix Link, Lectra's collaborative platform for managing product information, specifically designed for the fashion industry. The agreement signed today strengthens the existing bond between the two companies. It notably stipulates a collaborative approach to their customers in the fashion industry in France, Italy, as well as internationally.

A Strategic Choice in the Digital Age

A key player in Industry 4.0 in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries, Lectra designs smart industrial solutions that help brands, manufacturers and retailers develop, produce and market their products. Always placing innovation at the heart of its approach, Lectra has been using cutting edge Industry 4.0 technologies since 2015, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud technology.

"Microsoft Azure provided us with the scalability, security and flexibility we needed to innovate and reduce time-to-market," explains Maximilien Abadie, Chief Strategy Officer at Lectra.

This partnership, which strengthens the existing bond between the two companies, also shows Lectra's desire to take advantage of this momentum by supplying all the latest technologies that enable players in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries to go digital and thus transform their business model.

Lectra's objective is to support its customers through the Industry 4.0 revolution. The digitization of processes and data, as well as shared visibility across the entire ecosystem, are the first steps.

Why Microsoft

In addition to Azure's technological strengths, Lectra decided to partner with Microsoft for several reasons:

  • Both brands are driven by innovation. Lectra invests 12% of its turnover in R&D each year. Microsoft encourages business innovation through partnerships with suppliers such as Lectra.

  • A long-term strategic vision focused on the challenges faced by their mutual customers. Microsoft and Lectra are joining forces to bring even more powerful solutions to fashion industry players. Both companies use technological breakthroughs to reinvent business models or create new ones.

  • A worldwide presence. As Lectra has customers in more than 100 countries, it is essential for the company to choose a partner with a strong international presence.

  • Marketing and sales support. Microsoft will help Lectra in these two areas to accelerate the adoption of its Kubix Link solution.

Why Lectra

Microsoft's choice was based on two key aspects:

  • Lectra's expertise in the fashion industry. For more than 40 years, the company has worked hand in hand with brands, manufacturers, and distributors in this sector. Lectra helps them transform their business models, processes, core activities, and tools. They support all major changes at each stage of value creation.

  • The potential of the Kubix Link solution. This smart, intuitive, and scalable platform helps brands and retailers reinvent teamwork, connecting all internal and external stakeholders, from ideation to physical and digital points of sale. They can therefore make the most of their product data and processes and create a unique omni-channel experience for consumers.

"While digital transformation has sped up since the start of the pandemic, we are proud to partner with Lectra to support the acceleration of the digital transformation in the fashion industry. Combined with the power of Microsoft Azure, the Kubix Link platform offers new opportunities to fashion brands in terms of agility, collaboration, and visibility. It allows us to accelerate the emergence of Industry 4.0 through the winning combination of product lifecycle management (PLM), product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) solutions," explains Agnès Van de Walle, Director of One Commercial Partner, Microsoft France.

The Next Steps

Today, Lectra's ambition is to "become a key player of Industry 4.0 in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries by 2030," adds Maximilien Abadie. The company intends to achieve this objective by harnessing the full potential of new technologies, in partnership with Microsoft, with a view to constantly providing breakthrough innovations.

About Lectra For companies that breathe life into our wardrobes, car interiors, furniture and more, Lectra is crafting the premium technologies that facilitate the digital transformation of their industry. Lectra's offer empowers brands, manufacturers and retailers from design to production, providing them with the market respect and peace of mind they deserve. Founded in 1973, today Lectra has 34 subsidiaries across the globe, serving customers in over 100 countries. With close to 1,800 employees, Lectra reported revenues of 280 million euros in 2019. Lectra is listed on Euronext (LSS). For more information, please visit

This press release was published by Lectra February 4, 2021.

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