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Lectra Launches a New Generation of Connected Cutting Equipment for the Fashion Industry

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Fashion United

Lectra, the Paris-based technology company that delivers industrial intelligence to much of the fashion industry, has launched VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2, solutions for next generation cutting equipment designed for brands and retailers as well as their supply chains.

These solutions enable manufacturers to adapt to the growing demand for small series production while enhancing productivity, flexibility, and environmental sustainability in cutting rooms. The new equipment integrates eco-design principles, resulting in significant energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

In a press release Lectra said the VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 address the challenge faced by fashion manufacturers in producing smaller volumes of designs while managing a higher number of orders and materials. These cutting solutions facilitate agile cutting of variable volumes across various materials. Lectra emphasizes the importance of flexibility for manufacturers in controlling production costs, and the new generation of cutting solutions optimizes operational costs, performance, and environmental impact, empowering customers to improve margins and reduce their ecological footprint.

The new equipment prioritizes ergonomics, operator protection, and connectivity. It incorporates advanced features aligned with Industry 4.0 principles, leveraging data intelligence to enhance process efficiency, productivity, and product quality. The solutions also offer additional services and predictive maintenance capabilities, enabling manufacturers to reduce costs, increase equipment availability, and gain greater autonomy through enriched digital content.

This article was published in Fashion United July 14, 2023. A press release from Lectra is available here. Lectra is a SPESA member.

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