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Learn More About Training Takes Time at Texprocess Americas


As we've shared, the 2023 edition of Texprocess Americas will be launching an entirely new, first-of-its-kind show floor training program, powered by Merrow Manufacturing Company and the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC). The live training will demonstrate machine repair/maintenance and use that to address the growing need for skilled workers in the sewn products industry. In addition to hands-on demonstrations, the training will feature augmented reality tools to illustrate how these training methods can help scale the industry and support growth in the Americas.

The training program, coined “Training Takes Time,” will serve as the launchpad for a strategic, long-term initiative designed to promote quality training regimens that start in the U.S. and have the potential to expand to other markets across the Americas.

When & where is the training program taking place?

The training program will take place in the Career & Training Center (Booth 501) at the far end of exhibit hall B2 (near concessions).

Trainings will take place at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10, and Thursday, May 11. On Friday, May 12, one training will take place at 11:00 a.m. (this is because the show floor closes early on this day).

What will happen during each training session?

Each session will kick off with an introduction and Q&A from Charlie Merrow, CEO of The Merrow Group Companies.

The intro/Q&A will be followed by a hands-on demonstration featuring Merrow’s General Manager and Master Technician, Manny Deleon. While spots for the hands-on demonstration are limited (four per session), people are invited to watch the training demonstration take place. Participants will be taught gasket changing and/or carrier adjustment on a Merrow machine.

The session will culminate with a demonstration of ISAIC’s augmented reality tools to illustrate how training methods can help scale the industry and support growth in the Americas.

How do I sign up for the training session?

There will be iPads positioned in the designated training space to sign up for one of the 5 available time slots. Please note that spaces are limited.

Who should I ask to learn more about the training program?

We invite you to visit the Merrow/Superior booth (#1421) to learn more about the training program.

Why is this training program launching at Texprocess Americas?

Professional development and education have always been key features of both Texprocess Americas and Techtextil North America. Launching this training program at the 2023 edition of Texprocess Americas really represents the evolution of show floor education. People will have the opportunity for a hands-on experience — something we’d like to recreate at future editions of the show.

Additionally, we want this training program to serve as a catalyst for change when it comes to workforce development in the U.S. and across the Americas. Serving as one of the leading showcases of sewn product equipment in the Western Hemisphere, we’re looking forward to seeing Texprocess Americas serve as a backdrop for a larger industry movement.

Why is the training program important to do now?

Building and maintaining a strong workforce for the sewn products industry in the U.S. is critical. There has been a massive push to bring the production of soft goods back to the Americas. Training people here in the U.S. is how we support the reshoring and nearshoring movements. Not only are you providing people with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to find jobs, you’re investing in your community and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Merrow and ISAIC are two key players at the forefront of workforce development initiatives for the sewn products industry. Through different educational programs and partnerships, both organizations are committed to revolutionizing manufacturing processes, with a people-centric approach that hones on domestic career development, sustainability, advancing manufacturing technologies, and economic growth — locally, regionally, and globally.

How is SPESA involved?

SPESA’s goal is to support the sewn products industry and help our members succeed. With this in mind, SPESA was happy to help support this initiative — Merrow and ISAIC are both SPESA members — and believes it is a positive step toward future growth for the sewn products industry in the Western Hemisphere. While Merrow and ISAIC are truly the brains behind the operation, SPESA provided administrative support.

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