Kornit Digital Unveils New MAX Technology

Updated: Jun 2

By California Apparel News

This article was published in California Apparel News May 24, 2021. We're sharing because it emphasizes the growing trend of on-demand production. The new MAX Technology is an example of how the industry is prioritizing consumer interest in made-to-order, sustainable fashion.

As part of the FESPA Innovations and Trends series of events, Kornit Digital announced its new MAX Technology for on-demand fashion and apparel production.

“The MAX brings the highest level of retail technology, the highest level of retail quality, the highest level of productivity for sustainability and enables our customers to do a wide range of applications that we’ve never been capable of before,” said Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel during a press conference.

Kornit Digital, a self-described “worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology,” described the MAX Technology as being established on pillars of technological building blocks. These blocks have been developed over the years, then proven on other levels of Kornit Digital’s business and are now being integrated with one another to create MAX Technology.

“Everything is in one machine, everything is in one shot—really breaking all limits of this technology and helping customers do more with this amazing technology,” said Samuel.

The MAX Technology relies on six main pillars: high-quality results, durability, productivity, cost-effectiveness, new applications and sustainability.

As consumers increasingly expect the same results in-store and online, quality was previously sacrificed for faster results, but not with the new MAX Technology, which has also helped with the durability of pieces. Productivity was described by Kornit Digital CMO Omer Kulka as “boutique quality in high-industrial design at a high-industrial pace.”

With the advent of the company’s increase in technology, Kulka said costs have naturally gone down for textiles and production. And one of the most important aspects was the MAX Technology helping to reduce waste.

“Digital is the only way to produce sustainably on textiles,” S