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JUKI Launches New Edge Control Seamers – The AE-200AN Series

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By Apparel Resources

Japanese sewing technology bigwig JUKI has launched a new series of edge control seamers – the AE-200AN series.

AE-200AN series is designed to join delicate and high-quality seams based on JUKI’s unique material-edge-control, as claimed by the company that further added that the overseas sales have begun this July onward.

According to JUKI, an edge control seamer is a sewing machine designed to automatically join two plies of materials with different curved edges placed on the machine with their top ends aligned.

The process for joining materials with different curved edges generally requires an operator with advanced skills. The new AE-200AN edge control seamer comes with a unique JUKI manipulator cloth-control system to ensure that even a beginner operator can join the seams with high finesse and quality results.

In addition to promising higher quality, the AE-200AN increases productivity. The machine series comes with an improved touch control panel to enable higher efficiency sewing through streamlined setting control.

To proceed smoothly from step to step, as informed by JUKI, the operator must often return to the operation panel to change the machine settings. To streamline operation, JUKI has switched from monochrome to colour panel and has enlarged the LCD portion by about six-folds to enable touch control.

With these improvements, the operator can select a stitch shape and set the number of stitches with a few intuitive taps of the finger.

In the new series, JUKI has also improved the manipulator by introducing an active pressure mechanism that allows the operator to quickly check the presser foot pressure and differential feed amount.

JUKI will expand sales of the AE-200AN Series Edge Control Seamer to enable customers to enhance the quality and productivity of their sewing lines. Line solutions will also be provided for the total support of production line improvements and productivity enhancement.

This article was published in Apparel Resources July 15, 2021. The pre-launch announcement from Juki is available here. Juki America, Inc. is a SPESA member.

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