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JUKI and PEGASUS Launch First Sewing Machine Series by Joint Development

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

By Apparel Resources

After getting into a strategic partnership last year in April, JUKI Corporation and PEGASUS Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. – two Japanese sewing technology giants – have together announced to release the first sewing machine model by joint development.

The machine series is named “M900/DJ series” that constitutes Differential Lower Feed Safety Stitch Machines and Overlock Machines with integrated Control box.

According to JUKI, the machines are supplied by both companies as part of the “JUKI Smart Solutions” product lineup.

M900/DJ series is said to be compact sewing machine series integrating with direct-drive motor, control box and operation panel. Pneumatic lint collector (LC) and presser foot lifter (PL) and operator friendly LED light are provided as standard.

M900/DJ can automatically set thread trimming function by detecting the edge of material with sensor. With safety function to prevent false operation, the SMOs (sewing machine operators) are prevented from mistakenly cutting material and getting injured by false operation.

As per JUKI, safety stitch machines and overlock machines are lined up to be launched in M900/DJ series. “We will start releasing the products in certain countries (areas), then expand markets accordingly,” – the official statement of JUKI.

It’s worth noting here that JUKI and PEGASUS moved in a strategic partnership last year in April.

This article was published by Apparel Resources April 19, 2022. Both JUKI and PEGASUS are members of SPESA.

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