IPE Reimagines Realtime Production Management with IP-Realtime™ V4

Press Release

This press release was issued September 14, 2022. This new release, developed in partnership with consumer and industrial textile and sewn products manufacturers, includes a range of new developments and improvements that promise to increase productivity and efficiency while enabling producers to pivot quickly to meet fast-changing production needs.

GREENVILLE, S.C. Sept. 14, 2022 — IPE, the innovator in advanced production management, incentive payroll, and quality assurance solutions, is unveiling an all-new, Version 4 IP-Realtime™ factory floor visibility and control solution for fashion, furniture, and other consumer and industrial sewn products manufacturers. The newly reimagined software delivers a vastly improved user experience (UX) for executives, managers and production teams. Faster and more responsive, V4 also substantially expands the system’s production management, quality control, reporting and other capabilities.

IPE Managing Partner Brad Mikes explains, “Working closely with existing clients, we have developed a simpler, faster, and more comprehensive solution than ever before. We have also added many new capabilities to give managers, supervisors and production workers the real-time information they need to make faster, better-informed decisions. In addition to increasing productivity and efficiency, V4 enables manufacturers to pivot immediately to address rapidly changing production risks and requirements.”

IP Realtime V4 includes many notable improvements and benefits.

  • All-new Android-based production app for tablets

  • Streamlined usability

  • Clean, intuitive user interface

  • Faster, more responsive system performance

  • Expanded reporting capabilities

Following implementation at existing IPE client sites, IP Realtime V4 is generally available through all IPE sales channels. The continuous development roadmap of the product includes the planned release of all-new quality assurance and production supervisor apps in the coming months.

IP-Realtime leverages standard, off-the-shelf tablet computers positioned at each production workstation or team location to collect information on and timestamp every production activity. IPE’s custom Android apps display productivity, work pacing and training tools, and product and construction details for production workers and teams. Production leaders rely on always up-to-date information on production flow, downtime, quality, and other key performance indicators to make necessary changes to ensure proper line balance and uninterrupted order deliveries. Executives and remote stakeholders use convenient dashboards on mobile devices to monitor factory operations.

About IPE

Founded in 2010, IPE develops and markets manufacturing-focused solutions for sewn products and other discrete manufacturing industries. The IPE leadership team brings over a century of combined experience with production solutions to support and simplify their systems’ deployment, use, and maintenance. This expertise is readily apparent in the flexible, data-rich, and affordable solutions that provide IPE clients with the speed, accuracy, and visibility they need to succeed in today’s demanding manufacturing environment. IPE has its headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, and maintains a satellite office in New York. For more information, visit the website.

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