Industrial Thread Company Coats Group Opens Huanmantla Manufacturing Facility

Updated: Nov 16

By Composites World

This article was published by Composites World October 25, 2022.

Coats Group plc (Bristol, U.K.) is an industrial thread company that provides products, services and software solutions to the apparel and footwear industries. It also develops high-performance material threads, yarns and fabrics for fiber-reinforced composites. Coats Group has recently opened a new manufacturing facility in Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico, which will be producing high-quality products for the automotive, household and recreation, and other industries.

The 12,000-square-foot Huamantla plant and it supporting infrastructure — based on sustainable standards — was built on a $9 million investment. It has a dedicated warehouse and distribution center that will serve local Mexican- and U.S.-based customers.

The new plant will support Coats’ growth strategy over the coming years and will be a key supplier to the automotive, personal protection, wire and cable industries, in addition to playing a pivotal role in supporting broadband and telecommunications solutions across the Americas, according to the company. Coats products will be supplied to Tier 1 companies.

Complementing Coats’ existing operations in the Orizaba plant in Mexico, reduced workflows at the new Huamantla facility will deliver measurable inputs towards the company’s sustainability and productivity objectives, while also ensuring maximum levels of flexibility to cater changing customer needs.

“Coats is a pioneering company and high-quality production is crucial to our success,” Rajiv Sharma, Coats Group chief executive, says. “To help enhance our strong innovation approach, we are investing in key manufacturing locations in Mexico. The new Huamantla plant will allow us to be more sustainable while better meeting customer needs and expectations in a fast-changing world.”

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