Technology News for the Sewn Products Industry

Updated: Mar 31

Below is a list of news articles from the past few months that explore topics related to the use of technology in the sewn products industry.

Fashion Brands Embrace 3D Design - Vogue Business - April 28, 2020

When Covid-19 forced many brands to reconsider their workflow, digital and 3D design became increasingly attractive options. This article explores the benefits of digital supply chains for fashion brands.

Why We Need Digital Printing - The Interline - April 7, 2020

This article explains the applications for digital printing in the apparel and textile industries and pushes for broader, more rapid adoption of the technology.

Henry Ford, Industry 4.0, And A Recovery For Manufacturing - Digitalist Magazine - April 23, 2020 Examining historic trends in manufacturing before Industry 4.0, the author of this article argues that investment in technology falls short on delivering manufacturing performance improvement due to silos in the external ecosystem of suppliers. This is not specific to the sewn products industry.

Fashion’s Digital Transformation: Now or Never - McKinsey & Company - May 6, 2020 McKinsey & Company is a strategic management consulting firm. While not a standard news organization, the firm’s research is credible. This article explores the deepening divide, post-Covid-19, between digitally and analytically mature companies and those without robust digital and analytics capabilities. It provides a roadmap for investing in digital strategies.

Technology Key to Navigating Post-Covid Fashion System - Just-Style - July 7, 2020

The title pretty much sums it up.

Fashion Education And Startup Accelerators: How COVID-19 Is Changing The Fashion Industry - Forbes - April 30, 2020

This article addresses the future of fashion education and business accelerators, specifically how the next generation of industry professionals is being prepared for a vastly and rapidly changing industry, including the use of new technology.

10 Ways AI Is Improving Manufacturing In 2020 - Forbes - May 18, 2020

Manufacturers succeeding in 2020 are doing so with a combination of human experience, insight, and artificial intelligence (AI). This article shares examples of how AI is utilized across different industries. This is not specific to the sewn products industry.

Virtual Try-ons are Replacing Fitting Rooms During the Pandemic - The Washington Post - July 9, 2020

This article discusses digital, virtual tricks and trends adopted by retailers to attract e-commerce shoppers.

Has Fashion Really Embraced Technology? We Chart the Ever Evolving Relationship Between Maker and Machine - Vogue - February 4, 2020 A timeline/review of the implementation of technology in the fashion industry.

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