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How Lectra Helps Fashion Brands Succeed in Their Quest for Sustainability by Mastering Data

Updated: Apr 3

By Fibre2Fashion

Lectra aids fashion brands in sustainability via data mastery. Retviews offers AI-driven market insights to reduce unsold stock, while Kubix Link PLM integrates with Ecobalyse for eco-impact analysis. TextileGenesis ensures material traceability, aiding responsible sourcing. Lectra's solutions prioritise CSR, promoting efficiency and ethical practices.

Lectra is committed to guiding its customers through the multitude of challenges they are facing when it comes to sustainability in the fashion, furniture and automotive industries. The company understands that these industries’ quest for sustainable development relies on the development of digital solutions designed to lead the transition to industry 4.0 and help companies significantly reduce the environmental impact of their activities, improve collaboration and transparency for regulatory compliance and ensure the traceability of materials.

Lectra proposes a range of high-performance digital tools specifically designed to help brands optimise their working practices to improve sustainability using data. Whether it be for reducing material and energy consumption, providing industrial intelligence solutions or ensuring traceability of materials, the company is committed to enabling the transition towards sustainability by leveraging the power of data and data analytics. For this, Lectra offers a powerful ecosystem of software solutions dedicated to the management of fashion data. The quest for sustainability is at every step of the value chain starting with market analysis.

Retviews, The Power of AI Analytics for Competitive Analysis

Adopting a ‘no leftover stock’ approach is possible by identifying which products in a collection will sell the best. However, benchmarking can be an arduous task without the right tools to analyse the vast data sources in real-time and develop collections that perfectly meet consumer expectations, at the right time and at the right price.  

For this, Retviews, Lectra’s highly specialised AI market intelligence tool, allows customers to establish optimal pricing, curate successful product assortments, fine-tune discount strategies, and elevate their brand image through AI-driven competitive retail data analytics. This allows brands to better plan collections and thus reduce unsold stock. 

Retviews utilises advanced image and text recognition for precise real-time market insights, ensuring unmatched data accuracy. Supporting data-backed decision-making, it helps optimise processes, reducing unsold stock and thereby controlling energy consumption. With insights from 5000 global ecommerce websites, users gain details on products, fabrics, size availability, and international prices, aiding in avoiding overproduction and reducing the carbon footprint.  

Access to data now available in real-time streamlines internal collaboration, facilitates communication and accelerates decision-making. Building a seamless fashion value chain is now paramount at Lectra by developing integrations between its SaaS solutions: From market analysis to online sales, Kubix Link PLM is one of the core platforms within that design capable of making product information available to the entire eco-system, both production and commercial.

Navigating Sustainability Challenges with Kubix Link Cloud-Based Plm

Sustainability has transformed from an abstract concept into an essential aspect of business operations for fashion companies. Companies are in need of facilitating visibility, refining operational processes, and championing eco-friendly practices throughout their supply chain to reach their sustainability objectives.

Lectra’s Kubix Link, a cutting-edge cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, is a game-changer. Through one open collaborative platform, Kubix Link allows users to manage and benefit from 3600 visibility on all product data. The industry's approach to sustainability is revolutionised through meticulous analysis of ecological impact, made possible by the seamless API integration between Kubix and Ecobalyse, as well as Wardly, among others. This integration enables a comprehensive examination of material compositions, energy consumption, transportation distances, and manufacturing processes, facilitating precise environmental impact assessments. This empowers brands to measure their carbon footprint, ensuring accurate assessments of their environmental impact while facilitating automated and accurate PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) score calculations.

Furthermore, Kubix Link assists fashion enterprises in staying abreast of evolving sustainability regulations in France and Europe, simplifying communication with consumers.

In addition, when it comes to material traceability, Kubix Link integrates Lectra’s best in class-dedicated platforms, TextileGenesis.

This article was published March 21, 2024. Lectra is a member of SPESA.

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