Global Exports of Carpets and Floor Coverings to Grow: TexPro Report

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

By Fibre2Fashion

This article was published by Fibre2Fashion March 15, 2021. While apparel often dominates the news cycle, the sewn products industry encompasses a wide number of sectors, including floor coverings.

Global exports of carpets and textiles floor coverings are on an upswing since mid 2020. Exports started growing from June ($1,075.94 million) and according to Fibre2Fashion's market analysis tool TexPro, they are further expected to grow by 5-10 percent following the reopening of fashion retail stores after relaxations in lockdown restrictions.

Although, carpets and textiles floor coverings' average monthly exports were at $1,110.22 million in 2020, there was a considerable dip in the months of April and May. The exports fell 48 per cent in April to $543.39 million from $1,044.93 million in the previous month.

China, Turkey, India, Belgium, and Iran are the top five exporters of carpets and textiles floor coverings in the world. Top four countries including China, India, Turkey, and Belgium contributed for approximately 64.00 per cent of the world’s total exports of carpets and textiles floor coverings.

Turkey, China, India, and Belgium accounted for 19.68 per cent, 22.28 per cent, 12.68 per cent and 9.37 per cent of the global exports of carpets and textiles floor coverings, respectively. Out of these countries, China and India are included in the top five economies in the world which can directly impact the supply chain of textiles and apparel industry.

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