Gap Acquires Drapr for 3D-Fitting Technology

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

By California Apparel News

This article was published by California Apparel News August 30, 2021. We are sharing as an example of another brand choosing to integrate a technology platform into their production rather than use outside services. It also shows the continued interest in digital transformation in the fashion and sewn products industries.

The San Francisco–headquartered Gap Inc. announced the acquisition of Berkeley, Calif.’s Drapr, whose technology enables customers to quickly create 3D avatars and virtually try on clothing while at the same time helps retailers reduce unnecessary returns.

“Fit is the No. 1 point of friction for customers, and, through their advanced 3D technology, Drapr has shown it can help shoppers efficiently find the size and fit they need,” said Gap Inc. Chief Growth Transformation Officer Sally Gilligan. “We plan to leverage Drapr to help Gap Inc. improve the fit experience for our customers and accelerate our ongoing digital transformation.”

“With the launch of BODEQUALITY, we reinvented our fit process at Old Navy to give women greater confidence in their clothes, no matter the size,” said Old Navy President and CEO Nancy Green. “Drapr’s technology will help us continue to build on this expertise and deliver a more personalized and inclusive fit experience for all of our customers by showing them how an item will actually look on their body while also recommending the best fit for them based on their individual preferences.”

Drapr was founded by David Pastewka,Will Drevno and Richard Berwick, who have collaborated on 3D technology for over a decade with early support from Boost VC and Berkeley SkyDeck.

“Most people either don’t know their exact measurements or are looking for a specific type of fit that numbers alone can’t tell them,” said Drapr co-founder and CEO Pastewka. “Drapr has proven effective, and we are excited about the impact we can have on customers at scale as part of the Gap Inc. family.”

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