Ethiopia Becomes Top African Apparel Exporter to USA Surpassing Kenya, Madagascar and Lesotho

By Apparel Resources

This article was published in Apparel Resources April 8, 2022.

The apparel import data of the USA in the first two months is a matter of delight for Sub-Saharan countries.

As per OTEXA’s latest figures, the US buyers have imported US $ 258.03 million worth of apparels from Sub-Sahara African region in Jan.-Feb. ’22 period, noting 32.54 per cent Y-o-Y growth.

Ethiopia, at least for the time being, has dethroned Kenya to become top African apparel export country to the USA market in the first two months’ period.

The country shipped US $ 68.05 million worth of apparels to the USA in Jan.-Feb. ’22 period, whereas Kenya could just ship US $ 65.10 million worth of apparel exports to USA during the first two months of 2022.

On third spot was Madagascar that shipped US $ 51.62 million worth of apparels to USA in Jan.-Feb. ’22, noting 42.87 per cent yearly increase. Markedly, Madagascar surpassed Lesotho – from where the US buyers sourced US $ 47.60 million worth of apparels in the mentioned period.

The data shows there is a lot of movement happening in the African manufacturing landscape, despite USA’s sanctions on Ethiopia last year that led to the suspension of AGOA benefits for the country. Ethiopia topping the tally, Madagascar moving up at rapid pace, while slowness in Kenya and Lesotho are all seemingly important trends that might continue for some time.

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