Edgecombe Furniture Selects IP-Realtime Production Management Solution

Updated: May 19

Press Release

This press release was issued by IPE, TexTempo, and Edgecombe Furniture May 4, 2021.

The 91-year-old manufacturer of hospitality, senior living, and other upholstered furniture products will implement the IP-Realtime factory floor management solution in its North Carolina production facility. The new system promises to drive measurable business improvements by leveraging wireless workstation tablets and advanced production management tools to wirelessly track, manage, analyze, and display all production activities and key performance indicators in real-time.

Greenville, SC (USA) – MAY 4, 2021 -- IPE and TexTempo, experts in real-time production management, order tracking, time/attendance/payroll, and quality control solutions for sewn products and other textile-related product manufacturers, announce that Edgecombe Furniture will implement the IP-Realtime™ Shop Floor Control (SFC) solution to gain real-time visibility, increase productivity, and improve control of all manufacturing processes in its Greenville, NC upholstery factory.

According to owner Bob Phillips, “Edgecombe’s first core value is efficiency, and we are committed to utilizing the latest technology to improve quality and production. Over the years, Edgecombe Furniture has continuously adapted our methods, products, and services to keep up with the rapidly changing furniture industry. We look forward to equipping our production and management teams with the always up-to-date information and analytics they need to make better-informed and more timely business decisions across our manufacturing operation.”

IP Realtime provides immediate management information and worker feedback as production activities occur. This real-time visibility greatly enhances a manufacturer’s ability to track individual order status, maintain proper production line balance, deal with potential bottlenecks before they escalate, identify and resolve quality issues, and provide production workers with pacing and performance feedback. The system also streamlines the data collection and administration of the incentive payroll processes, automates gross payroll processing, and integrates with popular gross-to-net payroll services.

Standard Android™-compatible tablets deployed across the operation wirelessly connect with the trusted Microsoft® SQL Server® platform to process and report all production events in real-time. A manufacturing-focused user interface features configurable management and production worker dashboards with extensive drill-down and analytics capabilities.