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Cloud PLM Software Revolution Helps Fashion Brands Compete

By Just Style

Cloud PLM software helps to manage goods and associated data from production to disposal within the fashion industry. With today’s growing requirements on circular economies and transparent supply chains, it helps companies manage their raw materials and the end-of-life of their products through shared data and processes integration.  

“When smart technologies like AI [Artificial Intelligence] and the IoT [Internet of Things] come into the mix, modern PLM solutions can provide real-time insights into product performance, customer feedback, and market trends,” allowing companies to “develop the next generation of products, at a lower cost” and quicker, explained German software developer SAP on its website. Digital twins can be efficient tools in this regard, with these virtual models of products connected to their physical twins via IoT.


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This article was published in Just Style January 5, 2024. CGS, Inc. and Alvanon are members of SPESA.

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