CBX Software and Higg Integrate Environmental Sustainability Data

Updated: Oct 19

By California Apparel News

This article was published in California Apparel News September 29, 2022.

The next big fashion trend might very well be not some hot new item but rather how that item has been made. CBX Software, one of the retail industry’s leading providers of supply-chain-management solutions, has partnered with sustainability insights platform Higg to integrate environmental sustainability data directly into the CBX Cloud.

Used by more than 500 brands and tens of thousands of suppliers, Higg collects social and environmental sustainability data, enabling businesses to manage impact areas such as carbon emissions, water usage, waste production and labor conditions. Its integration with CBX will provide key data that users need to meet environmental, social and governance standards (ESG), providing businesses with greater visibility into their sustainability initiatives through one centralized platform.

“To scale solutions that address climate change,” said Brian Tippy, director of partnerships and technical integrations at Higg, “it’s important for Higg to integrate with PLM leaders like CBX to continue providing science-backed data to support the apparel industry in improving its social and environmental impact.”

Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software, added, “Our partnership with Higg is timely given that brands and retailers are rapidly improving their practices and reporting their progress toward meeting ESG standards. Governments and consumers across the globe are demanding greater accountability and transparency into how and where products are made.”

Not only do the majority of consumers care about how their products are sourced, but governmental regulations are now mandating ethical sourcing. In fact, sustainable product sourcing is one of the fastest developing industries with regulations such as the German Supply Chain Act and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Environmentally conscious supplied materials are not only necessary for the health of the planet but will increasingly provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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