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Brother's Century-Long Legacy in Sewing & Crafting Machines

By Design Boom

In the world of sewing, embroidery, and crafting, Brother is always ‘At your side’ for business and personal crafters. The company’s motto accentuates its founding mission to expertly design affordable machines, its global demand for over a century, and its future where heritage is interwoven with innovation. Looking back at the world’s first electronic sewing machine with a projector embedded on it to a cutting machine with a scanner and now the empowering Artspira app, Brother continues to aid professional and home creatives worldwide.

Inventor of the first electronic sewing machine and first machine with a projector, the family business began its journey in 1909 under the visionary leadership of the Yasui brothers, thus the name. As it continued to evolve, Brother’s commitment to ‘superior quality and diligent service’ remained unwavering. Its transformation from a small sewing machine workshop to a large-scale factory was driven by the vision of the founding brothers to turn the import-based industry into an export-based one, creating job opportunities worldwide. In 1928, the company introduced its first product, a sewing machine designed for making straw hats, which laid the foundation for the business known today.

The World's First Electronic Sewing Machine

In 1947, Brother took its first steps into the global arena by exporting 200 sewing machines to Shanghai, marking the beginning of their international journey. Throughout its history, the company has been at the forefront of the industry market, with milestones like the introduction of their first electronic machine, the Compal DX, in 1976.

The evolution continued with the introduction of personal sewing and embroidery systems in 1991 and embroidery software in 1996. Combining expertly designed machines with ever-improving software was a milestone that propelled the brand into the modern age, simplifying the crafts for a wider audience and enabling more intricate skill. In 2023, as a multinational corporation, Brother maintains its passion for technology, while taking pride for its forward-thinking sewing, embroidery and crafting machines suited to all skill levels.

At Your Side 2023 Pledge

Brother’s ‘At your side’ motto continues today, continuing to place its customers at the forefront. Following the COVID pandemic where sales boomed for home sewing machines, the market has healthily returned to pre-pandemic levels. The spike, though, has kept the company focused on diversifying by offering more customer value on top of their much-loved machines. This includes exploring step-up machines, innovative apps, design software, and machine connectivity – just like the cloud based digital design app, Artspira. These novelties continuously improve durability, servicing, technical support, and skilled capabilities to ensure Brother’s machines last a lifetime.

This article was published in Design Boom October 13, 2023. We highly suggest you click the link to check out images of legacy Brother machines. Brother International Corporation is a SPESA member.

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