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Beena Miriam Scheer Promoted to Collaboration Officer, Tukatech

Press Release

Tukatech announces the promotion of Beena Miriam Scheer to Collaboration Officer. Scheer has spent over 15 years in the fashion industry. Her background includes sewing and a formal tailoring education, and she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Product Development while living in her home country of Germany. Later when she moved to Spain, she earned a Master’s degree in Fashion Management, with an emphasis in marketing, retail, and communication.

Scheer joined Tukatech in July of 2019 as a Systems Specialist. She has implemented TUKAcad and TUKA3D in Europe and Central America. She also oversaw the translation of the TUKAcad software to her native German language. With her experience and education, she understands many aspects of the fashion industry, making her a key asset for companies trying to implement change and optimize their business practices.

Umesh Gaur, Tukatech’s Managing Director International says that Scheer has earned this promotion by her own efforts. According to Gaur, “When we gave her the responsibility to support Italy, she decided to learn Italian. This is a sure sign of someone who is willing to go the extra mile to do their job well.” He goes on to explain that Scheer has been working with Tukatech users in many European countries, as well as those in Central America and Asia. “As a TUKA person, she knows our products and the customers’ needs, as well as HOW to get them the right answers and solutions.”

Scheer keeps her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the European fashion industry and helps develop strategies to make Tukatech solutions available to the market. She also plays an active role as a liaison between the technical teams in Asia and European customers, due to her polylingual skills.

Scheer is excited for her new role as Collaboration Officer for Tukatech. She says, “Our future is technology driven, and virtual product development is happening now!” Scheer looks forward to helping the European fashion industry grow with the latest technology, particularly 3D fashion design.

Tukatech founder Ram Sareen remarks that, “In the time she’s been with Tukatech, I have seen Beena’s professional growth, driven by a curiosity for what makes this industry tick. She is always looking for a new challenge and seeking to extend her knowledge.”

Apart from her professional growth, Scheer seeks opportunities for personal growth, such as hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or swimming in a 4K competition in open water. She also travels regularly to other countries, both for professional and personal trips.

Sareen goes on to say, “I have every confidence that Beena will rise to whatever tasks or challenges may come in her path,” and that she will continue in Tukatech’s mission to bring digital end-to-end solutions to the apparel industry.

This press release was issued February 22, 2023. Tukatech is a SPESA member. SPESA members are encouraged to email news and releases to or to be featured under Member Spotlights.

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