Alvanon Navigating Industry to Reduce Lead Time and Iteration Through Digitalization

Updated: Jan 20

By Apparel Resources

Identification of ‘knowledge gaps’ in fashion supply chain is one of the most significant requisites to successfully navigate the various complexities. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘digital transformation’ of the fashion supply chain processes should be the topmost priority of the apparel companies and, although there is no denying the fact that many progressive companies were successful in their endeavours of making themselves digitally conversant well before the pandemic hit the world, a lot of scope of improvement, at large scale, is still required and this is where the role of digital technology providing companies becomes even more crucial.

Alvanon, a renowned fashion tech company which has a first-hand experience in the digital transformations of over 200 apparel brands around the world, is the one which not just keeps addressing the pain points of the apparel retail as well as manufacturing industry, but also talks about at length as to how it can help the brands with its technology, strategic planning and robust worldwide network. The leaders of Alvanon – Janice Wang (CEO) and Jason Wang (COO) – have always been quite vocal about their views on the digitalisation needs of the industry. Team Apparel Resources, therefore, got in touch with them to know more about as to how Alvanon is helping industry transform in a difficult year like 2020. Here are the excerpts.

AR: The need for digitalisation was also there in pre-COVID time but the pace of adoption was slow. However, digital transformation of fashion business has become a necessity in the ‘New Normal’ or post-COVID world. How is Alvanon boosting its efforts to make the fashion supply chain ‘digitally better’ in COVID-19 era?

Jason Wang: I think Alvanon is putting a lot of resources into developing better and more efficient ways to enable our