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Alvanon Announces New European Standard

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

By Alvanon

Alvanon announced the European Standard, November 30, 2020, the newest addition to the Alvanon Standard Series.

The Alvanon Standard Series is a collection of regionally-specific sizing standards, developed by Alvanon’s expert team of Consultants and Modelers using a combination of proprietary body scan data and global body, demographic, and population studies and data. Physical and Virtual AlvaForms are built using these standards.

The European Standard, released in late 2020, is our European market-specific standard and reflects the actual posture, proportions, size, and shape of Adults and Children customers in the European market.

To learn more about a specific size range, check out the brochures below.

  • Men – This range reflects updated standards for Men customers in Europe.

  • Women – The European Women standard is a straighter, more natural body shape designed as an alternative to the curvier European Atelier Women.

  • Atelier Women – The European Atelier Women standard is intended to be a bit more shaped at the waist than population data would indicate. The Atelier Women body is slightly curvier than the European Women body, which is a straighter, more natural body shape.

  • Children – This range includes sizes for Infants, Toddlers, Boy / Girl, Boys, & Girls.

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