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Alvanon Announces 3D Tech Fest 2023: Redefining Fashion Intelligence

Press Release

Amplifying Voices: Alvanon announces OPEN CALL for 3D Tech Fest speaker proposals, adjudicated by a panel of industry experts, journalists, practitioners, and researchers

ALVANON GLOBAL, May 8, 2023: Alvanon, the world’s leading sizing and fit technology company, is delighted to announce the theme of this year’s 3D Tech Fest 2023: Redefining Fashion Intelligence. Online from September 26-28, 2023, the free to attend, three-day virtual conference is dedicated to all things digital, and will feature an innovative mix of talks and case studies exploring the impact of the key technologies currently shaping the fashion industry.

In an OPEN CALL to all companies and fashion professionals, Alvanon is searching for speakers and contributors whose latest digital innovations are actively changing and influencing the fashion landscape. Content should align to the 3D Tech Fest 2023 theme of Redefining Fashion Intelligence. Alvanon is in search of dynamic talks, presentations, panels, and workshops that will engage and educate attendees. All proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee of industry experts and evaluated based on their relevance, originality, and potential impact.

About Redefining Fashion Intelligence: The relationship between human intelligence and technology is evolving at a rapid pace. With the rise of technology, from AI to Web3, to 3D and DPC, fashion has the potential to be even more sustainable, innovative, efficient, and accessible than ever before. In this transitional landscape, for the 2023 event, Alvanon’s mission is to identify how human and artificial intelligence can combine to determine a better future for fashion.

“Alvanon has always brought the industry together to navigate disruption,” explained Janice Wang, CEO of Alvanon. “The aim of the 3D Tech Fest OPEN CALL is to bring all individuals and organizations involved in the fashion and apparel industry together to share their human intelligence on what strategies and technologies are succeeding in both the digital and physical space in 2023 and beyond.”

3D Tech Fest has gathered over 20,000 attendees across the globe over the past four years as the world’s biggest festival of 3D, apparel, and fashion. A home for experts from every aspect of the industry to explore the intersection of fashion and technology, join us online from September 26-28 as we redefine fashion intelligence!

To learn more about 3DTF23 or submit a speaker/contributor proposal, please follow the link:

For editorial and media enquiries please contact:

Saul Guzman

VP Brand & Communications, Alvanon

About Alvanon

Alvanon is a fashion technology company, focused on the body and its application and implications in the apparel industry. It has developed a unique and innovative body data-driven approach, with a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the fashion industry.

Since 2001, it has dedicated itself to body shape data research and has gathered more than 1.5 million body scans in 30+ countries, most recently, in China, Colombia, Costa Rica and the US. Combined with its deep apparel knowledge, this has allowed Alvanon to develop thousands of fit standards for hundreds of brands globally.

About 3D Tech Fest

3DTechFest is the world’s biggest festival of 3D, apparel, and fashion, gathering experts from every aspect of the industry to explore the intersection of fashion and technology. Join us online September 26-28 for an exciting exploration of the future of fashion at 3D Tech Fest 2023: Redefining Fashion Intelligence, presented by Alvanon.

3D Tech Fest key facts:

100+ speakers

20,000+ attendees

30 technology partners

101 countries represented

2000+ brands and organizations represented

Previous industry speakers have included GAP Inc., Harvard Business School, Karl Lagerfeld, REBLIKA, The Diigitals, Under Armour, VF Corporation, and Walmart, among others.

This press release was published May 8, 2023. Additional industry coverage can be found in Women's Wear Daily and Apparel Resources. Alvanon is a SPESA member.

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