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CGS's Supply Chain Trends & Technology Annual Report

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

By CGS, Inc. | Sponsored Content

This report offers insights into 2022 expectations and priorities relevant to the consumer products industry, including retailers, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers.

We’ve compiled highlights from our survey of 160 professionals representing the C-suite and management teams of many leading consumer products, apparel, fashion, footwear and home goods businesses.

We share key takeaways from survey participants, case studies and analysts regarding:

  • Achieving Growth: How digital shopping remains the primary growth engine

  • Business Improvements: Why more robust analytics are back on the front burner

  • Supply Chain Confidence: Reasons executives see significant room for improvement

  • Technology Investment: Why businesses are building up Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and SFC functionality

  • Tech Maturity: What share of companies are stuck in silos vs. fully automated and integrated

  • Solution Requirements: Why integrating business processes and workflows is priority No. 1

  • Peer Advice: Insights straight from survey respondents regarding strategy, the supply chain, technology, workforce issues and sustainability

Click here to download the report.

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