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November 3, 2021

It was November 2019. The newly-minted SPESA team had just returned from its inaugural Executive Conference in New Orleans, and was looking to kick start planning for its 2020 edition of the event. Except this time, the team would head north, not south. Boston, it was decided. A city known for bright minds, and neighboring manufacturing hubs. It felt like the right fit, and after a site visit in December 2019, it was the confirmed destination.

Well, we know what happens next. Boston was put on hold. A virtual conference was held in 2020 in lieu of an in-person meeting. We pivoted, just as everyone did. And came out on the other end, a little weather-beaten, but stronger and more resilient than we were when we went in.

Two years after the SPESA team started planning its Executive Conference in Boston, it finally happened. For the team, it presented a whirlwind of emotions. There was an excitement to see familiar faces, and be introduced to new ones. There was a strong determination (accompanied with some nervousness) to do it right — find the best speakers, pinpoint the best topics. Let’s face it, a lot is at stake when it’s been two years! But once the event came to a close, and we all collectively exhaled, it felt good.


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